Last-minute Homemade Gift Ideas for Men

Need to make something special for your Man and short on time? we have quick and creative ideas lined up for you for homemade gifts you can make in no time.

1. Themed Mini-Scrapbook

A full-fledged scrapbook takes a long time to make but a mini-scrapbook will do the trick just as well. Start scrapping on a theme. You could make a scrapbook journaling events when you first met or some clicks from the time when you were seeing each other or even from your marriage. See some scrapbook layouts.

2. Valentine Jars

Dress up clear, plastic jars and fill with whatever it is your Valentine is sure to like – chocolates, candy, cookies, anything. Spray the inside of the jar with red spray glitter. When the glitter dries, line the inside with white paper. From outside, the red glitter on a white background will look very pretty and the paper will also save the food items from touching glitter. Now dip a heart shaped sponge in glue and dab it on several places on the outside of the jar. Sprinkle red glitter over the heart-shaped glue spots. Fill the jar with assorted goodies, place the lid and tie with red ribbon vertically making several bow loops on the top.

3. Heart-Shaped Stuffed Ornaments or Potpourri Bags

Scraps of fabric can be used to make stuffed hearts. Stuff them with fiberfill and add a string to make an ornament. Paint, embroider or use stickers to write something like ‘Be Mine’ on it. Or stuff them with potpourri to use for closets.

4. Homemade Gift Baskets

Make your own unique gift baskets with these ideas at All you will need is a trip to the store to gather things that your Valentine will like and some craft supplies to make the basket like containers, cellophane, curling ribbon etc.

5. Valentine Cookie Flower Basket

Bake some heart shaped cookies. Insert lollipop/popsicle sticks on the bottom of the hearts when the cookies are yet to be baked. Place florist’s foam in a deep basket and insert the cookies into it. Cover the foam with artificial green grass.