Tin-tie Coffee Bags: Perfect for Storing Everything from Cookies to Candy…and of Course, Coffee!

Tin-tie Coffee Bags: Perfect for Gift Wrapping Food Gifts
Tin-tie Coffee Bags: Perfect for Gift Wrapping Food Gifts

Tin-tie coffee bags can be used in more situations than one may expect, and they can be purchased most inexpensively. Although they’re great for use in grocery stores, weddings, gift-wrapping, and at home, there are so many more possibilities! Here are a few more ways to get the most out of tin-tie coffee bags.

What is a Tin-Tie Coffee Bag?

Tin-tie coffee bags are manufactured using Kraft paper that is often brown, although there are more styles available than simply the brown paper variety. Tin-tie coffee bags come in different sizes, and with different patterns, such as holiday prints. Tin-tie bags are not just paper bags- they have vapor liners so that the bags do not become stained with moisture from items such as cookies or jelly candies. Furthermore, some of these bags feature a liner that prevents items like oily coffee beans from leaving marks on the packaging. Tin-tie bags stand upright nicely, and they each have their own metal tie tops with tabs so that the bag can be easily opened and closed. Some varieties even have windows in the front so that the contents can be easily seen from the exterior.

Tin-Tied For the Groom and Bride

wax seal tin-tie bag wedding favors
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Tin-tie bags are an excellent choice for wedding favors. A person can buy small white bags, for example, and have them embossed with an old-school wax seal. The bags can be set at each person’s place setting at the tables, and they can be filled with all kinds of delicious baking, peppermints, or chocolates. This would make for a fun and creative way to give gifts to the wedding party, too.

Grocery Store Uses for Tin-Tie Coffee Bags

Grocery stores often carry their name brand line of goods in tin-tie bags. This way of displaying their goods is both economical and effective. Tin-tie bags can be used to sell coffee beans, loose leaf tea, grains, such as rice and quinoa, and store-baked treats like cookies and fudge. For a store owner who is looking for an economical way to keep goods fresh, tin-tie is a good way to do just that.

Make the Ordinary Special with Tin-Tie Coffee Bags

tin-tie coffee bag gift wrap
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School and work lunches can become utterly boring, and it can happen quickly. Why not show that child or partner that they are extra-special and pack a lunch, once in a while, in a tin-tie bag? Tin-tie bags can be dressed up with a little bit of creativity: add some color to the lunch by using felt pen markers. If it is a birthday, add a ribbon, a bow- even some edible confetti thrown into the bottom of the bag would be a nice touch for any age. The next time it is someone’s birthday, or as a thank you gift at the office, use a tin-tie coffee bag and get a little crafty. Write a love note on the outside of the bag, or use the bag to keep cookies fresh and coffee beans from going stale. There is no end to what can be done with a tin-tie coffee bag.