4th of July Crafts – Patriotic Painted Pot or Candy Jar

4th of July Crafts Patriotic Painted Pot or Candy JarIf you leave out the lid, you could also plant flowers in this pot, otherwise it makes a great candy dish for your 4th party!


  • small clay pot and saucer
  • 1-inch wooden ball
  • red, white and blue acrylic paint
  • paint brushes
  • masking tape
  • sand paper
  • glue gun
  • glossy spray varnish


Paint entire saucer blue. Paint outside of the pot’s rim blue. Paint remainder of the pot white. Allow to dry. Apply a second coat of blue and white paint to pot and saucer. Apply strips of masking tape evenly spaced vertically from rim to base of pot. Paint stripes with two coats of red paint. Allow to dry and carefully remove tape.

Create a star on thin cardboard to use as a pattern. Trace star outlines evenly spaced around rim of pot. Paint stars white.

Sand wooden ball in one spot to make a flat area. Paint ball white. Glue flat area to center bottom of saucer with glue gun. This creates the lid. Spray pot and lid with varnish.

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