Your Engagement Ring: 4 Clues

The day is coming… you just know it. You’re sure the love of your life, your soul mate, is going to pop the question and propose; the suspense is more intense than any episode of Sex in the City! Naturally, you have many thoughts and questions running through your mind, but to narrow it down to one of the most important… What will the engagement ring look like? We take a look into these possibilities with a simple comparison: the ring, and the personality of your mate!

Your Engagement Ring: 4 Clues

The Classic Diamond Ring

You’ve dreamed of it all your life; the fairytale wedding with the Knight in shining armor, carrying you off into the sunset on a white horse. Your guy is also into the idea of tradition, sharing your hopes and dreams to have a home, a family, growing together into the later years. It’s a beautiful thing!

When it comes to the traditional type, you can bet your ring will make the same statement, showing the true depth of your love by choosing a diamond ring with the classic gold band, radiating the vibe of the eternal symbol for love. A fairytale, complete!

The Bespoke Work Of Art

The style of the diamond engagement ring, for some, is dying. Creating a custom engagement ring, or bespoke ring, is certainly becoming quite a trend in the wedding world, opening up the doors to creativity. With so many options, couples look to all different styles, stones and shapes to craftily design a ring that speaks so personally to them.

If one could guess, the type of guy to choose a ring of such unique nature would certainly be someone described as thinking “outside of the box”. Whether your soulmate be an artist or just a born-creative, anyone with an eccentric personality would certainly look to something different – and what’s more unique than a custom ring?!

The Statement Maker

I’m sure we can all think of many different celebrity engagements, given the mass media coverage, and one thing they often have in common, is the engagement rings – they are truly of grand proportions! If your mate is someone who likes to, well, make a statement, then surely he will follow suit and choose a ring that reflects his style – Bling and sparkle!

Big diamonds, gemstones, more diamonds… you could expect all that and more with this type of mate (maybe he even proposes in Venice?!). After all, he goes all in for his own, whether that be his gadgets, his car, his career… he surely wouldn’t treat the love of his life (you!) any differently!

The Open Question…

Don’t be fooled… there’s something coming! While being quite opposite in the idea of “open”, perhaps the man in your life is more of a perfectionist? He likes to plan and organize the moments in your life together, and you can appreciate that, wholeheartedly. All aspects in life are organized and, well, more or less, perfect, so what could that mean when it comes to your life together?

Given his sheer need to have everything ideal and in place, as they should be, you can bet one of his biggest life decisions will be no different. Being the logical guy that your mate is, he will probably do as many couples do, and shop for the ring together. You really can’t put a price on perfection!