Starry, Starry Night Wedding Theme for Summer Weddings

Choosing a theme for your wedding can make the planning easier because you don’t have to make as many decisions. This theme is perfect for a summer wedding, because warm nights are inviting and romantic.


Choose colors that reflect the night sky such as dark blue, creamy white, gold or silver. Repeat these colors everywhere you possibly can in a way that imitates the night sky. The bridesmaids could have dark blue dresses with gold and silver rhinestones as stars.


You can often find star themed invitations in wedding catalogs, but if you want to make your own they can be done quickly by using dark blue paper, embossing small gold and silver stars as a border and gold ink to print the information.


One of the best places to have this themed wedding is in a tent that is really open. Guests can go back and forth from the tent area to the great outdoors, and enjoy the real night sky. Inside the tent use dimmed lights and sparkling twinkling white Christmas like lights to imitate stars.

Table Decorations

The table decorations can be simple and luxurious or ornate. Use a dark blue silk tablecloth and sprinkle shiny sequins on the table. For a centerpiece use a tall vase simple white flowers that have been sprinkled with gold or silver glitter. To further the theme you can even add some small stars to the vase or in the arrangement. Candles will also add to the starry night effect.

Bouquets, corsages and boutonnières

The flower arrangements will be stunning with dark blue accents in ribbon or other embellishments and pure white flowers. The flowers can be sprinkled with silver to give them a pale glowing effect like the moon. A small star added to the front of corsages and boutonnieres make a charming accent.


Any star shaped item would be perfect. You could give bath salts in star shaped boxes, star shaped candles, cookie cutters, small cakes, key chains, necklaces, and even notepads. The Internet is a great place to look for items like these.


You can try and find someone that would make a cake into a star shape, or you can have a traditional cake and add silver and gold rhinestones and other items to bring it into the star theme.