A Watch Is a Perfect Gift for the Groom

When most of us think of wedding gifts, we think of cash and household items offered to the happy couple by their guests. We do not usually think about gifts that the bride and groom give to one another, although many couples are embracing the idea these days. Grooms are giving their brides unique tokens of their love while the brides are responding with special gifts that show their devotion to their partners.

As a soon-to-be bride, you might be wondering what makes an appropriate gift for your groom that will not pull the rug out from under your budget. We have a suggestion: a new watch. No, a watch may not seem very romantic on the surface, but selecting the right piece can quickly light the fires of romance by being a symbol of how you view your man.

Tic Watches is an online retailer of fashion watches, watches that are chosen from among the most impressive brands on the market. Here are just a few examples of men’s watches they carry that make great gift options for your groom:

  • Armani AR0397 Armani AR0397 - Designer Watches for the GroomThis stunning and classic chronograph combines the beauty of stainless steel with a traditional black leather band. It says ‘class’ all the way. The AR0397 includes a polished stainless steel case, quartz movement, date display window, and classic Armani craftsmanship capable of water resistance up to 50m. It comes in a beautiful presentation box as well. Lowest price we found www.ticwatches.co.uk
  • Braun BN0115WHBKBKGBraun BN0115WHBKBKG

    If your man prefers a more modern presentation, consider the Braun BN0115WHBKBKG. This stylish chronograph is impressive in its simplicity without sacrificing necessary function. It features a white dial, chronograph display with day and date window, and black silicone wristband that makes the watch very comfortable to wear. The case is stainless steel with a beautiful black finish. Lowest price we found www.tesco.com/direct/

  • Seiko SNDF85P1Seiko SNDF85P1

    The Seiko name is synonymous with accuracy and reliability. Your groom will love the gift of the Seiko SNDF85P1, a stylish chronograph that seamlessly blends retro styling with modern elements. The polished metal case is the perfect host for a modern black dial with crowned buttons and flat stems. The SNDF85P1 is water resistant to 100m and comes with a stainless steel band. Lowest price we found. www.pricespy.co.uk

  • Police PL13834JSB/13Police PL13834JSB

    The previously mentioned watches may all be outside of your budget. If so, the Police brand is an excellent alternative. Police make high-quality watches that offer both function and style but at a more affordable price. Take the PL13834JSB/13 for example. This watch is very affordable at Tic Watches. It is a robust and practical timepiece offering rugged good looks, date display, a silicone strap, and a quartz movement.  www.shadestation.co.uk

All four of these watches would make a great gift for your groom on that special day. Indeed, your groom might want to consider wristwatches as gifts for his ushers as well. All of the men sporting the same suits and watches make for a very impressive picture as you are walking down the aisle. Moreover, these remain practical long after the wedding day has passed.