7 Ideas to Help with Planning Your Wedding Reception

Congratulations! You have accepted the proposal and it won’t be long before you are walking down the aisle on your wedding day. Don’t stress if you feel suddenly overwhelmed by the thought of planning the day’s events and your wedding reception. Here are seven great ideas to help you with your wedding planning.

7 Ideas to Help with Planning Your Wedding Reception

#1 Selecting the Entertainment

The entertainment is the backbone of your reception. Choosing the right entertainment is the most important decision you can make. Without good live entertainment, your guests will bore easily and want to leave as soon as possible. When selecting your music for the day, take into account the tastes of your guests and the size of your venue.

Jazz music is great for formal receptions. The soft, elegant sounds permeate the venue and inspire conversation between your guests. Rock and pop are the best for a younger crowd that likes to party. Motown works for people of all ages and soul music makes for a gentle, romantic atmosphere.

Hire a DJ to cover the gaps in between your live band sets. Prep the DJ with a list or requests in advance and tell them the song you want for your first dance. Its best to organize your band and DJ with an entertainment agency that you can tie into a service level agreement. This will ensure that the band arrives on time and plays the best set possible for you and your guests.

#2 Choosing the Venue & Theme

Selecting the right venue and choosing the theme of your wedding reception are challenging tasks. Do you want an all-white wedding? Are you getting married on a beach or in a hotel? The right venue should accommodate your guests and you live band. Make sure that you have enough parking for your guests and see if the venue will organize a shuttle service for them after the party.

Before you finalize your arrangements with the venue make sure that you chat with the management. Some venues do not allow loud music in the evenings or at all. This can be a problem for those that choose an evening reception so make sure you understand the venue policies before you confirm your booking.

#3 Inviting Your Guests

Your guests are the reason you have a reception in the first place. A wedding reception is a place where your friends and family gather to celebrate your new union. Make sure that you go the extra mile for your guests. Invite your guests with a unique invitation. Choose a clear perspex card with the details of our wedding day engraved into the card. You can also go shopping for unique wedding gift ideas for your guests to make their experience as special as possible.

#4 Choosing a Caterer

The catering is a critical component of your wedding reception that demands your complete attention. Search through social media to find recommendations for caterers in your area. Word of mouth is the ultimate vetting tool and checking out what people have to say about your potential caterer can save you a lot of heartache on your wedding day.

#5 Hire a Professional

If you want to avoid all of the drama and stop yourself from pulling your hair out before your wedding day, then hire a professional wedding planner. Using a professional to help you in the preparations for your big day will let you relax and calm your nerves. Wedding planners will handle everything leading up to the event and on the big day itself.

The last thing you want is to be running around like a headless chicken on your wedding day wondering where the band and the caterer are. Take this stress away from yourself and let a pro deal with it. Most wedding planners will have plenty of industry connections and they often receive deep discounts on services. These discounts can offset the cost of the wedding planners services and save you money and your nerves.

Wrapping Up

Your wedding day is supposed to be a day that will live in your fondest memories forever. Don’t let it be a disaster that you would sooner forget. Follow these tips and ensure that you have a wedding reception that you can look back on and smile.