Summer Safety Tips for Kids and Babies

Umbrellas on the Beach for Sun ProtectionSun, Outdoors, Activity – Summer seems like the best time ever for kids and adults alike. For uninterrupted summer time fun for your family, here are some precautions to be taken for your kids’ summer safety.

Sun Protection

Sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat are the three prerequisites for a summer outing of your baby or child. At the beach, even under an umbrella, the ultraviolet rays reflected by the sand, damage the fragile skin and eyes of kids more often than not, resulting in Sunburn. UV protection in essential even on cloudy days.

Choose a water-proof sunscreen with maximum SPF (50 +) and reapply it every two hours. Special sunscreens for babies are available at baby product stores. Buy sunglasses adapted to your child’s face from an optician, pharmacy or a sports store. When choosing a hat, prefer a model with a wide brim or a cap.

Protection from Heat Stroke

Sunscreen helps protect from SunburnEven if your child does not stay in the direct sun , he or she may suffer from heat stroke if the temperature outside is high. A heat stroke can result in vomiting, disorientation, sweating, weakening of the pulse etc. Sunstroke, due to prolonged sun exposure, can result in headaches, dizziness, fatigue, redness of skin and a rapid heart rate.

To avoid these symptoms, protect the child’s head by appropriate head gear and keep them hydrated at all times. Make the kids drink water before they are thirsty. Choose light colored clothing and stay in the shade as often as possible. And last but not the least, Never leave a child alone in a car in summer.


Summer attracts many insects, some of which can give your kids allergic reactions and quite a lot of pain. Wasps, hornets, bumble bees and mosquitoes are some of the insects you need to keep your kids safe when outdoors. You can do this by taking care of a few things:

  1. Do not let your child walk barefoot
  2. Do not leave food uncovered
  3. Clean up leftovers and crumbs from tables
  4. When on a picnic or at an outdoors meal, wash all plates and glasses immediately before using them
  5. Use citronella to keep mosquitoes at bay
  6. When camping out at night, use mosquito repellant creams or sprays
  7. If you see any allergic reactions, ensure medical examination immediately

Swimming Pool Safety TipsSwimming Safety

Summer is also the time for all to dive into the pool and enjoy swimming outdoors in the full sun. While protection from sunburn is as essential when in the pool, there are some other safety precautions to be taken when swimming.

Do not leave younger kids in the pool without adult supervision. Make sure they have arm bands and floats at all times. Good quality swimming goggles will help keep their eyes safe from the chlorinated water of the swimming pool. Teach kids about basic pool and drowning safety and make sure they know whom to call for help if they see any drowning accidents around them.

At all times, keep a First-Aid box handy with you to take care of minor or major accidents happening during summer time.

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