Parenting Tips – Make learning enjoyable

As our children grew up and now that we have three grandsons aged 10, 7 and 3, this has been the most natural and effective way of making learning enjoyable, even fun! We never pushed education at our children nor our grandchildren. What we did is surround the children with interesting books ad learning aids were pennies, buttons, bingo cards toys and every ordinary and extraordinary thing under the sun. Learning was shared by the parents and the children as we took the special time to do the alphabet and then draw pictures to match the letter.

There was never a fuss over homework as they knew that it was their responsibility. It was never an issue.

Stories are great when you make them up together never knowing where once upon a time was going to take us as we each took turns adding one sentence and often lots of giggles to the story.

Learning is a life long experience and a good start makes the quest for learning a natural part of one’s life and a legacy to the next generation.


Sent in by Bev Sobkovich for ‘The Dot Com Mommies Contest’ 2003.