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16. Bean Burritos (in thermos) – This is an absolutely quick and easy hot lunch idea. Pack in a thermos.

17. Rice and Beans (in thermos) – Pack rice in the thermos and top with canned baked beans in sauce for an easy and delicious hot lunch idea.

18. Hard-boiled Egg – This is an easy finger food for kids of all ages and you can also get creative and turn the eggs into mice or cats using shaped vegetable pieces.

19. Noodles – Cook ramen noodles and mix in favorite sauces or just peanut butter for flavor.

20. Chili – Homemade, less spicy versions of chili are liked by kids and provide a good alternative to the regular sandwiches.

21. Fried rice – Leftover rice can be turned into a delicious meal. Try our recipe for Vegetable Fried Rice for a quick lunch idea.

22. Soup (hot soups in thermos) – Thick, filling soups like Butternut Squash Bisque, Borsch, Minestrone Soup, Lentil Soup and Mega Mushroom Soup are great for hot lunches.

23. Pot Pies – Make healthy miniature pot pies for kids in muffin tins using vegetable or broccoli and cheese fillings.

24. Rice with Pesto – Pack rice and top with pesto sauce for an easy lunch idea.

25. Bagel with Cream Cheese – Spread cream cheese on healthy, whole-wheat bagel slices for a tasty meal.

26. Scrambled Eggs – Pack more nutrition in the lunch box by adding a variety of chopped vegetables like tomatoes, green onions etc. to the regular scrambled eggs.

27. Waffles – Turn waffles into various lunch ideas by topping them with fruit slices and different fruit sauces and syrups.

28. French Toast – Kids love this tasty bread meal. Try our no-fuss recipe for Easy French Toast.

29. Mashed Potatoes – You can never go wrong with this. Make variations with our recipe for Mashed Potatoes (with Herb Mash, Mustard Mash and Mango and Spring Onion Mash).

30 Baked Tofu – You can bake cubes of tofu in different ways to arouse interest. Marinade in a sauce and bake, bake them with a sauce or simply bake with butter or other shortening and serve with a dipping sauce.

31. Brown Rice with Tomato Soup (in thermos) – A fresh thick tomato soup makes a good base for the rice to cook in and simmer while you take care of other chores. Or you can even pack cooked rice first and top with soup.

32. Spaghetti – Cook up a fresh lunch for the kids in no time with this easy recipe for Spaghetti with Fresh Tomatoes.

33. Chow Mien – Stir fry vegetables, add cooked noodles, add dark soy sauce and vinegar for a delicious Chinese lunch.

35. Quesadillas – Stuff flour tortillas with a number of fillings to suit the tastes of your children. Try our favorite recipe for nutritious Corn & Cheese Quesadillas.

36. Corn on the Cob – Pieces of corn cob makes for interesting lunches that kids are sure to eat. Try Grilled Corn-On-The-Cob or boiled or micro-waved for easy lunch ideas.

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