A Back to School Checklist

It is easy to forget something or the other during this time when stores are mobbed by anxious parents and excited children. With so much on your mind preparing for your child’s new school year, you could make things easier for yourself and your kid by using this complete back to school checklist.

A Back to School Checklist
A Back to School Checklist

1. First things first – ensure that all form registrations and other school formalities have been taken care of and that the school has updated information regarding your address and phone numbers in case of emergencies.

2. Decide how your child will go to walk. If walking, educate your child about road safety rules.

3. If biking to school, see to it that the bike is in good condition. Get any repairs done if needed. Check the bell and brakes. Check the helmet and it’s lock. Educate your child about traffic rules and safety issues.

4. If going by school bus, make arrangements for the school bus and educate your child about school bus safety and bus stop etiquette.

5. Contact your child’s school to check if they have a supply checklist. If they do, shop for all items well ahead of time. If they don’t, here is what is generally needed: notebooks, paper, pen, pencil, crayons, poster colors, eraser, ruler, sharpener, glue, pencil pouch or case, backpack, lunch box and water bottle. Allow kids to help you choose their supplies. This will create excitement about going back to school.

6. Shop for clothes and shoes and if required, the school uniform. Allow kids to buy some accessories they want to add to their wardrobe.

7. Shop for gadgets needed by kids at school. This will include things like cell phones, calculators, notebook computers or PDA etc. depending upon your child’s age and requirements.

8. Plan lunches for the first week depending upon your child’s choices. Involve the kids in this process as they are more likely to eat stuff that they themselves chose to have.

9. Shop for groceries, juice boxes and bottled water along with brown paper lunch bags (if not using lunch boxes).

10. Prepare a study table at home for your child to complete homework. Create a comfortable desk space away from distractions such as TV and Games.