7 Things to Look For in a Smartphone

We live in a digital era, where smartphones are undeniably a core part of our livelihoods. Besides their primary role which is communication, these gadgets can edit documents, take pictures, play media, and surf the internet. Heck, some of them are so powerful that they rival the performance of computers.

7 Things to Look For in a Smartphone

Tech giants are taking advantage of this trend, releasing a plethora of devices as they days go by. The phones cater for all classes from expensive flagships to low-end phones with basic features. Most of them boast of remarkable features, exquisite designs and equally impressive specifications.

For a majority of would-be customers, who are not tech savvy, identifying the appropriate gadget is often a daunting task. Worry not, though- below is a list of things to look for when buying your next phone.

  1. Screen Size

Before smartphones hit the market, screen size was not deemed as a necessity. Phones were used for texts and calls, so big screens were useless, to say the least. Nowadays, a 3.5 inch smartphone is a rare commodity. A majority settle for 4-5 inches, with some bigger phones called ‘phablets’ going to 6 inches. So, when buying a phone portability. Comfort and overall weight should influence the size of screen you choose.

  1. Screen Resolution

Previously, with smaller screens, resolutions was not so much of an issue. However, as the screens get bigger, the need to improve their quality and vividness increased. Currently, the market is dominated by two technologies, LCD and AMOLED. LCD screens are more crisp and brighter than their LED counterparts. They also have greater viewing angles. Ideally, you should aim for a screen with a resolution higher than 720p, as this is the bare minimum for High Definition displays.

  1. Camera

Photo enthusiasts cannot complain about the products in the smartphone industry. They are well and truly taken care of. Gone are the days where phones would capture images akin to those of pinhole camera. Modern phones are equipped with exceptional cameras; capable of rivalling professional photo shooters. Choosing the right camera phone is tricky, though. Often, individuals fall prey to enticing specs. Regarding this, most clients think megapixels entirely determine the quality of image, while other aspects, such as aperture focus, are equally as important. To avoid disappointment, it is advisable to research online for test photos of the camera phone under interest.

  1. Battery Life

Perhaps the biggest shortcoming of modern era phones, battery life is a major concern among smartphone users. Gadgets laden with powerful features require a lot of power to run, so often you find yourself running out of juice. Nonetheless, in recent years, remarkable steps have been made towards achieving a phone capable for running for over a day under heavy usage. We expect this to improve as technology evolves. In the meantime, you can always complement by investing in a power bank.

  1. Inbuilt and Expandable Storage

If you intend to play music and videos on your device, than storage is an area of concern. This applies to mobile gamers too. High-end games consume well over a gigabyte of storage, with HD movies and high quality music also claiming large chunks of space. Therefore, it is imperative to go for gadgets that won’t limit you entertainment. 32GB is the optimum, though some phones offer up to 256GB of storage. It is also worth considering that storage can be extended using memory cards, albeit within certain limits.

  1. Brand

While this may seem trivial, there is always a considerable amount of prestige associated with certain brands. Apple, renowned for their best iPhone deals, are usually seen a status symbol. The Samsung Galaxy S series command respect among the elite, also.

  1. Memory (RAM)

Memory determines the ability of your phone to run applications smoothly. Different apps, demand varying amounts of RAM, so you intended usage should guide you in this regard. Gamers should go for higher RAMs, while casual users can live with 1GB of the same. Massive amounts of RAM ensure your phone doesn’t lag, although they are not entirely necessary.

All of the above factors are important, so none should be foregone. However, one’s budget is the ultimate determinant. When shopping, one might look for the best iPhone deals, which means some compromises must be taken. All that said, you can be sure of finding an appropriate phone for you, as the market has too many choices!