Cats Are Good For Our Health

It is often said that dogs are man’s best friend, but your feline pal will help you live longer. If you are a cat owner, you will know the endless love that you feel for your cat. Not only that, they are good for your health too. Who knew that your feline friend would have so many benefits?

Cats Are Good For Our HealthCat’s Are Effective Stress Busters

For years, many people have bemoaned the effects of stress and anxiety which have blighted their lives. Largely, this is due to the high-octane lifestyles that people lead, or their careers that are particularly stressful. Many doctors have heralded dogs as a stress-buster, but no one had mentioned our kitty companions.

Dr. Gamez, of Connecticut, has heralded cats as furry stress busters, stating that due to the entertaining nature of cats, their responses to the human touch and the basic interaction that humans have with their cats means that they are proven to be stress busters. The bond between human and feline cannot be broken.

Cats Offer Unconditional Love

Dog people believe that cats are not affectionate. This could not be further from the truth as any cat owner will attest to. Cats are deeply territorial and see their human owners as theirs. What is more, cats love their owners fiercely and are known for reacting to negative emotions in humans.

Many cats respond to sadness, or depression, with their humans. They will purr at their owners, cuddle their owners or simply lick them to let them know that they are thinking of them.  Due to their responsive nature, many people feel comforted by having a cat in their presence.

Cats Are Good For Your Heart

Not only does the love that you bear your cat have a positive impact on your emotional well-being, but cat owners are less likely to suffer from a heart attack than other people. This is because cats are stress-busters. What is more, the playtime that you have with your cat ensures that you remain fit and healthy. While you may not be running around the playing field, like you would with a dog, the play time that you share with your cat means that you are actively involved in some exercise.

Cat Ladies Live Longer

We have all heard the cries of ‘crazy cat lady’ should a single woman buy more than one cat. However, cats and women have an undeniable bond. According to Time magazine, women that own cats are more likely to live longer than their non-cat owner friends. Presumably, because these women haven’t got a husband to contend with.  If you want to start a crazy cat lady collection, you can find cats and kittens online.

Cats Are Good for Your IQ

It is said that cat people are more intelligent than dog people. However, cats often reflect our personalities, so if you are introverted and sassy, then the likelihood is that you have picked a cat based on its similarities to your own traits. Cars are intelligent creatures and are a reflection of their human counterparts. So, if you are smart then you are undoubtedly a cat owner. All the best people are.