Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Dog For Your Kids

Many families dream of having a pet puppy to call their own, to take into their families, homes and hearts. Children and adults alike love the thought of having a perfect pooch to play with. Let’s be honest, dogs are simply wonderful. If you are considering bringing a puppy into your home, there are a few things that you will need to know about buying a dog:

Buying a Dog For Your Kids - Everything You Need to Know

What Breed is Best For Kids?

This is a commonly asked question, but sadly there is not a definite answer. There are specific breeds that are more suited to children, such as the Newfoundland, but it is difficult to determine which breed is ‘best’ for children. Dogs have their own individual personalities, so it cannot be determined how they will react around children. If you are bringing a puppy into your home, then its character will very much be dependent on how you raise it.


Obedience training is pivotal when you bring a puppy into your home. They say you cannot teach an old dog new tricks, but with a puppy, training is incredibly easy. Obedience training ensures that your dog is happy in their new home. Get your kids involved in the training of your new pooch; not only will your child have fun, but it will also teach them how to conduct themselves around dogs.

Age and Size

The age and size of a new dog is important, especially if they will be spending a lot of time around young children. It is pivotal that you think about the activity levels of your children. If your children are very young and rambunctious, then it may be advisable to buy an older dog that is a large breed, such as Rottweiler or Bull Terrier. As these dogs are very sturdy, they will be able to withstand your child’s rough housing. What is more, very small puppies can be easily hurt by boisterous children so do think about the age and size of your chosen canine companion before you buy a dog. Remember, puppies need a lot of attention.

Personality and Temperament

While you may have a specific breed of dog in mind, it is always advisable to research the character traits of your prospective pooch. Some dogs have a more even temperament than others. Take a look at the following examples. These breeds of dog are renowned for being good with children:

  • Labradors are excellent with children as they are gentle and patient. They do, however, need a lot of exercise to ensure that they don’t become hyperactive
  • Poodles are very intelligent and make perfect companions for older children.  They do, however, require constant grooming to ensure that their fur remains immaculate
  • Alsatians make for excellent pets due to their protective and loyal nature
  • Newfoundland dogs are famous for being ‘natures babysitter.’ These lovable dogs are patient, gentle and caring
  • Beagles are friendly, smart and gentle. Plus, they are perfect for those who do not want a large breed of dog

Vets and Medication

Of course, being a puppy owner does not come cheap. Vet bills can be costly, so it may be advisable to take out the relevant pet insurance to ensure that your finances don’t suffer when your pup is taken ill.

Do take a look at pet drugs online and medicate your dog at home. This will keep costs down while ensuring that your dog is fit and healthy. Of course, you should never medicate your dog if you are unaware of what illness they are suffering from but for simple home remedies, buying online will help you cut costs.

Toys and Beds

Children and dogs will play nicely together, should they have the right toys to do so. Make sure that your puppy has everything that they need in order to be happy and fulfilled in their new home. Your child will naturally want to play with your new puppy, but you do need to make sure that your child doesn’t give their toys to their new best friend. Invest in some good quality toys to keep your pooch entertained. They will be happy and full of life, making them the perfect companion for your child.