If You Can’t See My Mirrors, I Can’t See You…

Most drivers are aware of this statement and the fact it applies to lorries and large vehicles. The bigger vehicles, that dominate the roads, are notoriously hazardous and are supposed to be treated with the utmost respect and consideration, if not the results could be disastrous. Lorry drivers are under a great deal of pressure to ensure they are a safe presence on the roads and constantly aware of cars and drivers, despite the fact they can be almost impossible to spot in some situations.

If you are unable to see the mirrors of a lorry then it means you are far too close.
If you are unable to see the mirrors of a lorry then it means you are far too close.

The statement is true; if you are unable to see the mirrors of a lorry then it means you are far too close. The lorry driver in turn is unable to see you and could perform driving manoeuvres that jeopardise your safety. The rules of the road are pretty clear and  are there to ensure all road users are as safe as possible. One of the regulations is about not driving too close to the back of the driver in front, otherwise known as tailgating, as it can seriously impact the view that drivers have. Lorries, and the drivers around them, can combine to result in a large number of accidents that have devastating outcomes.

To combat this, vehicle safety experts such as Brigade Electronics are creating devices and accessories to improve the safety of the UK roads. One area they are currently focusing on is improving the visibility for drivers of larger vehicles.

Simple wing mirrors may not be enough to spot a car, pedestrian or cyclist, which is why cameras and sensors are being installed to allow the driver a wider view. Every week, a number of accidents take place on the UK’s roads and in particular the motorways. Some will cause fatalities, serious injury and traffic disruption for a huge amount of people, which is why car safety features are a priority.

Lorry drivers are often criticised for their fast lane changes, attempts to overtake other large vehicles and their slow speed in the fast lane of a motorway, which is why they should be treated with caution by other road users.

As vehicles become more powerful, and drivers in greater need to get everywhere at speed, the number of accidents taking place will increase. There is a growing need to improve the safety of the roads, as well as allowing drivers more features to help them be a safer presence on the road.