7 Guilty Pleasures Most Women Do Not Admit To

Women are constantly in a state of denial about many things. Especially some harmless guilty pleasures that they probably find embarrassed or uncomfortable to admit to. But we do indulge in them all the same! It’s just not for other’s eyes or ears. 

Are you wondering what the most popular guilty pleasures of women are? Check out these 7 little private pleasures. How many can you strike off your list?

7 Guilty Pleasures Most Women Do Not Admit To

7. Online Binge Shopping

Online shopping is no big deal. Everyone does it and no woman would ever deny doing it. But try getting a woman to admit that she binge shops online. Most women are compulsive shoppers and the ease of shopping through apps that keep pushing notifications all day long is too difficult to resist. Most women shop under the pretext of shopping for necessities but end of shopping for way more than they need. Of course, the details are never completely disclosed!

6. Watching Reality TV

Women secretly love to watch the silliest of Reality TV shows but they might have trouble admitting to it. In public, they might even criticize the very shows they like to watch in private. But it is difficult for them to resist seeing the fabulous (and not so fabulous) lives of the reality TV stars.

5. Reading Novels

‘Reading’ is an elite hobby to have and most women like to read. However, most of them wouldn’t like to disclose the fact that they are not really into ‘Jonathon Livingston Seagull’ but like to relax with a ‘Mills and Boon’ novel instead. You are likely to find classics displayed on their shelves and novels on their bedside table. A very small percentage of people are actually coming out and owning up to this, though.

4. Online Gaming

This one is a hush-hush affair! Hardly would you any woman confiding even in her best friend that she enjoys gaming when the truth is that women make up for a big chunk of the online gaming industry. Online gaming is discreet and makes it possible to play online jackpot games at Red Flush and stand a chance of winning big which makes it easier for women to indulge.

3. Fantasizing

Not just single women, married women who are happy with their partners are also guilty of fantasizing. Women who are happy in their relationships might never admit, but they do fantasize about celebs and next door neighbors. Their fantasies are usually harmless. It is something that both men and women have in common but which women are far less likely to ever admit to.

2. Planning Things WAY in Advance

They will never let on but women have a habit of counting their eggs before they hatch. On a first date, they can imagine getting married and in the next few dates, they will have their wedding planned in their minds. By the time he proposes, they are likely to have thought about names for their children. And while they are still pregnant, they might plan the themes for future birthday parties. Of course, they will never admit to it!

1. Indulging in Gossip

That women indulge in gossip is no surprise. On the contrary, it is a very well established fact. But most women are likely to deny that they ever indulged in gossip. In fact, most of them would gladly point to others who do gossip, but it will NEVER be them. There are very few who actually admit to enjoying gossiping.

Most of these pleasures define the essence of a woman. None of them are designed to hurt anyone (except gossip and shopping perhaps) but women find it difficult to look anyone in the face and accept that they are indeed fond of these guilty pleasures.