Ultimate Symbols of Love

Love is mentioned in books, poems, cards, newspapers and magazines. It’s talked about in songs and is one of the many themes in TV shows and films. Everywhere you look you see people hugging, kissing, walking hand-in-hand and smiling at one another and while there are many stories of hate and violence on the news, it’s clear that true love still prevails.

The Ultimate Symbols of Love
The Ultimate Symbols of Love

Love can quite literally warm your heart and put a spring in your step, but what do we consider the ultimate symbols of love? Let’s find out.

  1. Jewellery

Often, people exchange jewellery like these earrings from 77 Diamonds to show how much they care. Necklaces, bracelets, anklets and other accessories certainly make great gifts, but the ring has got to be one of the most notorious symbols of love. While its circular shape symbolises eternity and commitment, the hole in the middle is thought to be a pathway to new and exciting experiences/opportunities. Engagement rings and wedding rings are particularly popular and tend to consist of stunning wedding bands displaying a spectacular diamond.

  1. Hearts

When looking for a Valentine’s Day card or gift, you’re sure to come across a host of merchandise decorated with big, red hearts. The heart has become a symbol of love – particularly romantic love – and is associated with most things lovey-dovey and romantic. The history of the heart symbol is very interesting, however, dating back many generations and has been found on cave walls and in ancient literature. In Christianity it was thought to symbolise Jesus’ love for his people and has been injected into art and texts ever since the Middle Ages.

  1. Red roses

If your loved one brought you a bunch of red roses, you’d more than likely be thrilled – but why? There are many reasons roses have become a symbol of love and romance. Firstly, they look pretty and make us feel good. Secondly, they help communicate feelings that cannot be spoken. This is called floriography and was first used by the Victorians to send messages to people without uttering a word. Typically, red roses stand for love and passion whereas yellow roses stand for friendship and devotion.

  1. Doves

For many years, doves have been seen as a symbol for peace, freedom and love possibly because they look so graceful in flight and their white colour helps them to look innocent and pure. They are also very loyal creatures and raise their young with great care.

They feed on fruits, plants and seeds and are thought to be harmless creatures focussing on raising their families in habitations close to human settlements – giving us ample opportunity to study them. In Greek literature, doves are also symbols of romance and passion with the Greek Goddess Aphrodite depicted with doves flying over her head.

Technological advancements have brought about many new symbols for love including various icons and emoticons, however, the above four are deeply rooted into culture and tradition.