Take a Lesson From the Kids on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is often thought of as a day to shower your spouse or significant other with cards announcing your love, chocolates, and other precious gifts. Many naysayers of the holiday often say that we should always celebrate our love and that having one day a year to do so does not excuse a year of neglect. While this is quite true, it’s not so bad to have one day a year when we go all out and pay extra special attention to our loved ones.

This doesn’t only mean those that we are married to or dating but all of our loved ones. While restaurants are generally filled with couples on February 14, with “Meal For Two” or “Lover’s Package” deals, the idea that Valentine’s Day is solely for those that are in a romantic relationship is ludicrous. Schools are filled with children who look forward to getting their Valentine’s Day cards ready for all members of their class. This is just another fun way for the entire class to come together and do something fun.

And children love this holiday outside of school too. This is thanks mostly to parents and grandparents who find Valentine’s Day another occasion when they spoil their little darlings. Children will often find baskets of St. Valentine’s goodies in their home with their name on it, filled with tokens of love from their parents. Grandparents will often send over the same type of basket or other gifts to give the children their own little valentine’s.

And children, who are generally lovey-dovey in nature, love to reciprocate these gifts. Fridges become covered with homemade artwork and cards and parents will often hear “Will you be my Valentine?” more than once on this special day. So it seems that those who believe that Valentine’s Day is only for couples and only a day to celebrate romantic love, should really take a lesson from the children who celebrate the day unequivocally and show everyone how much they love them.

This is a good lesson for the naysayer’s and those that believe that they will have to skip Valentine’s Day because they do not have a significant other. There are many other activities that can be done on Valentine’s Day to celebrate, without having to be one half of a couple. Whether it’s going out with girlfriends, or having a family party filled with food and fun, there are many ways to celebrate without feeling like this is a holiday that can’t be celebrated on any particular year.

Kids really do have the right idea when it comes to Valentine’s Day. They recognize the people that are most important in their lives and do special things to recognize them. They also show appreciation to people that they may not necessarily love but that are still a big part of their lives, such as the other children in their class.

So with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, make sure to send a card or make a phone call to those that important to you and let them know that you are thinking of them on this special day that is filled with love of all varieties.