How to Optimize Your Dating Profile: An Infographic

Are you struggling to get people to respond to your dating profile? A few simple tweaks to the words and photos you’re choosing can make all the difference. The folks at Review Weekly have collected some data that may help you turbocharge your online dating experience. They found that specific words used in your profile to describe your personality and activities will boost your response rate. A few words prove appealing across the board. Both genders respond to people who describe themselves as ambitious and list hiking, surfing, or yoga among their activities. Words like funny, spontaneous, and outgoing are also attractive to both men and women.

Men can increase their attractiveness by using key words like sweet, ambitious, and thoughtful to describe themselves, or by mentioning specific interests that women find endearing, such as skiing and puppies. Across the aisle, women who describe themselves as physically fit, passionate, and perceptive will see an increase in male interest, and athletic interests like surfing and fitness seem to pique men’s desire. Choosing the right words could increase interest by anywhere from 15 percent to more than 50 percent, so adding these words to your profile and messages might dramatically improve your social life.

The research also delves into which images are likely to appeal to the opposite sex, and explores the most common lies people tell in their profiles. Check out the chart below to learn more about the dating data, and then use what you learn to tweak your profile.

How to Optimize Your Dating Profile Infographic

Originally Published on Review Weekly