Make His Valentine’s Day Fantasy Come to Life

Make His Valentine’s Day Fantasy Come to Life

For many women, Valentine’s Day is all about getting chocolates, flowers, and being wined and dined. But truthfully, men don’t care about any of that. While he will appreciate any thought that you put into your Valentine’s Day, men just have different ways of being swept off their feet.

Men are all about being intimate on Valentine’s Day. While this can often mean that it will end up in the bedroom, it does’n’t always have to. Something as simple as just playing a sexy game can be enough to rev his engine. There are many of these games that can be purchased, or you can make one of your own. To make one, simply cut out red hearts on construction paper. Then place cute and sexy instructions on each heart. These sayings should give instructions such as, “Kiss your partner in a place you never have before.” It can be a lot of fun to find places that you’’ve never kissed each other before and it can play out as one of his biggest fantasies because you each have to do what the instructions say. The advantage of making the hearts yourself is you can make it as naughty or nice as you want.

Another great way to add fun into his fantasy is to do some preparation before he arrives at your door. Turn all of the lights down and place candles everywhere. Place a CD player somewhere near the door with a giant note on it (so he can’t miss it) that says, “Play me first and then follow the clues.” When he turns on the CD player, it will start to play slow, romantic music. Place a bottle of chilled champagne somewhere near the player and write another note on it that says, “Open me when you’re ready and find the next clue.” Place a sexy bra outside of the bedroom door with a note on this that says, “Are you ready now?” When he opens the bedroom door, he will find you ready to fill his Valentine’s Day fantasies.

Another simple way to make his fantasies come to life on Valentine’s Day is to simply ask him what his fantasies are. Maybe he’s always wanted someone to dress up for him as a certain character or figure (think naughty nurse costume), or maybe he’s always wanted to see what it’s like to play with handcuffs. It could even be something as simple as giving each other a head-to-toe massage with great smelling (or edible!) massage oils. Ask him about a week before Valentine’s Day so that you can be fully prepared to fulfill his fantasy on the big day!

If you take the time to understand what is he wants on Valentine’s Day, he will not only be knocked off his feet by how great his Valentine’s Day was, he will be touched that you went to the time and trouble to think about what he wants and making his Valentine’s Day fantasies come to life!