How to Make 2016 the Year You Get What You Want

We all have hopes and dreams for the future; but for many of us, our dreams remain just that – never actually coming to fruition and always having that ‘just out of reach’ feeling.

Live Your Dreams whatever they may be

What we have to remember is that whatever we want in life, it’s down to us to go out and get it. That doesn’t mean being ruthless and selfish by any means; it means that if we want to experience change in our lives, it’s only through our own efforts that we will achieve it. This goes for all kinds of things in life – from moving house to ending or beginning a relationship, to changing our career or finally getting to visit a destination we’ve always dreamed of going to.

So how do we change our dreams into reality?

  1. Write a list

Make a list of your goals

If you have goals, make them real and tangible by writing them down. Then there’s no way you can forget them – especially if you post them somewhere you will see them every day. When you review your list, think about what steps you’ve taken during the day or week to move closer to reaching those goals.

As well as writing down your goals, spend some time envisioning what it will be like when you achieve them. Close your eyes and really paint a picture in your mind of how you will feel, who will be with you, what the reality of your achieved goal will look like. Go back to that image any time that you feel you are losing motivation and it will help you to focus your efforts again.

  1. Share your goals

People often keep their dreams hidden, almost as a form of self-defence – if no-one else knows what they want, then they won’t look like a failure if they don’t get it. However, none of that helps people realise their goals. If this sounds like you, try a different approach. Share your dreams with someone – whether it’s a friend, your spouse or somebody else. Sometimes help in achieving your goals can come from the most unexpected sources and if you discuss your dream with other people, they may be able to help you achieve it.

Another form of goal sharing is to commit to doing something with a friend. Getting fit is a great example here. If you want to lose weight and improve your fitness during the course of this year, find a fitness buddy – someone you can go to the gym or swimming pool with; or sign up for a fitness class together. If you have a partner to work out with; there’s a greater sense of obligation on you both to turn up, rather than decide to give it a miss ‘just this once’. Having a fitness buddy also means that you can socialise while you get fit.

  1. Enjoy today while you look forward to tomorrow

People who want to create change in their lives are sometimes guilty of not appreciating what’s good about the here and now. Take a moment to think about all the good things that you have in your life already. One way to help focus on the current moment is through the practice of mindfulness and this is something that anyone can develop.

Master Cheng Yen Quote

Master Cheng Yen There is nothing we can” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by  symphony of love 

TheCircle explains the benefits of mindfulness clearly, as well as suggesting ways of putting it into practice. Essentially, through being able to appreciate and focus on the present moment, you can become more aware of yourself and the people around you. It helps you let go of stress and clear your mind so that you can make considered decisions about your future.

  1. Get going

The hardest part of reaching a goal is taking the first step. If you stop moving forward, it’s hard to pick up the momentum again. However, by taking that first piece of decisive action towards a goal, you will start making progress. Even it’s something really small, it doesn’t matter; you will be setting yourself on course. You’ll also experience a boost in self-esteem as you realise that you have moved closer towards getting what you want.

By putting these ideas into practice, you’ll be able to move towards getting all that you want during 2016 and enjoy the path that takes you there.