How to Celebrate V-Day in Style…With Your Girlfriends!

Valentine’s Day is often thought of as a day for couples. For those that are single, it can be nauseating to watch coworkers and friends get the constant deliveries of chocolates and flowers. But Valentine’s Day is for single people as well. For women, Valentine’s Day can be one of the greatest times to gather a bunch of friends and head out on the town!

If you want to avoid the whole notion of Valentine’s Day altogether, you may actually want to stay in rather than go anywhere. This will just let you avoid the couples, and the flowers, and the “Meals for Two” packages that restaurants offer. You also won’t have to look at couples gazing at each other or whispering those sweet nothings. To make for a great girls night in, pick up a couple of movies, play card games, or just order in some pizza and spend some time hanging out together and catching up. Better yet, do all of the above and use the day just to reconnect with good friends!

If you’re up to seeing all those couples being gaga all over each other, a great girl’s night out is to head to a club. Dress up in your most flirtatious and fun outfits and go out and have a few drinks with your very best girls. By hitting the dance floor, and spending time with your very best company, you will know that you are definitely not alone on Valentine’s Day!

Another great way to spend time with your girlfriends on Valentine’s Day is to just go to a movie. It may sound boring but just hanging out at the movies with your girlfriends can be a lot of fun. Pick a movie that you have all been dying to see and get ready to stuff your faces with popcorn and candy. Afterwards, go to a club or just go back to someone’s house and spend some time chatting and realizing how lucky you are to have this day to hang out and have a blast!

If going to a movie sounds boring to you, and going to a club is something you and your girlfriends do all the time anyway, you may want to consider grabbing five or six of your girlfriends and doing something you’ve never done before. Something such as laser tag, paintball, or something else that sounds completely foreign may just turn into a regular girls get-together. These activities really are super-fun, even if they’re not the typical destinations one thinks of when they’re thinking of heading out with their girlfriends.

Valentine’s Day may also be the perfect day to grab a bunch of girls and get a pampering for everyone. Many spas have packages that allow for groups to receive their treatments together. This will allow you to catch up while you’re getting a massage, a sauna, a mud bath treatment, facial, manicure, pedicure, or any other treatment that will make you think you’ve never had a better Valentine’s Day!