Do you need Sex Advice?

It seems that everyone is looking for sex advice these days. How do I make it better? How do I get my partner to do what I want them to do? How do I tell my partner I don’t like something they do? Maybe instead of seeking out sex advice from others it’s time to learn how to effectively communicate with your partner. Without communication you will never get anywhere and all the advice in the world won’t help if you aren’t talking with your partner.

Every couple goes through a period of learning about the other and this time is crucial to the relationship and to the health of your sex life. If you both learn to communicate your wants and needs effectively and in a non-critical manner you will find that you are able to enjoy for years to come.

In order to avoid hurt feelings when your partner is doing something you don’t really enjoy don’t push them away or say something negative, instead suggest something else or guide them to an area that you prefer. They will figure out by your response which you prefer. If your partner is simply not doing something that you really want them to do bring it up in a way that is non-confrontational. Instead of saying “You never do” phrase it more like “I would like for us to try”. How you word something can make all of the difference.

Sex is intended to be enjoyed and if you are not enjoying your sex life you may not need to seek advice from an outside source you may just want to give a little well worded sex advice to your partner and of course always be open to your partners suggestions as well. Sex advice can only go so far if you aren’t listening to one another and open minded to the suggestions being put forth by your partner. Play, love and learn together to create the most loving and exciting relationship possible for the both of you.

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