Window Decorations

The first thing to consider in dressing a single window is size: Give the window a look that makes it feel proportional to the room.

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For a window set above a deep cabinet, full curtains in a bold print will make the window more noticeable. Just be sure the curtains are the right length; they should not touch the top of the cabinet — but look like they do.

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If a single window looks too small for the room, or you just want to give it added importance, add drapes that extend beyond the frame on the sides. To extend the illusion even further, add sheers under drapes.

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In rooms where privacy is an issue, be sure to choose a window treatment — or treatments — that deliver. In this bathroom, where a single window needs to bring in sunlight and protect privacy, two treatments (a soft shade and solid shutters) team up.

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An elaborate look, complete with plush embroidered upholstery matching other linen used. Lots of cushions give it a ‘comfy’ look as well.

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A cozy nook in your room to watch the falling snow sipping warm coffee or feel poetic watching autumn leaves fall from trees.

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