Tuscan Style Decorating

The Tuscan style is inspired by nature. Important elements of the style are stone, wrought iron, marble, hardwood, and warm colors. The Tuscan style is inviting and lived in. Nothing should look too new or shiny.


The colors are all earth tones such as terracotta, greens, yellows, brick and blues inspired by the ocean.

Floors, Ceilings and Architectural Features

• Terracotta tiles are commonly used on Tuscan homes and any home built in this style should incorporate them for the roof. • Windows are deep-set, framed by sandstone and wooden shutters. • Outdoor spaces are important in this style and a decorated patio is a great way to continue the Tuscan feel. Walls made of sandstone bricks also often surround a Tuscan home. • Wooden beams, plastered ceilings and uncovered windows all add to the airy feel of Tuscan decorating. • Walls are usually painted white or soft gray and accent colors and natural woods or stone are added for interest. Venetian plaster is used to add texture, and faux painting techniques can be used to give a well-worn look. • Floors are usually made of wide wood planks, stone, terracotta bricks or even clay tiles. Antique rugs in warm colors are used as well. • Marble pillars also add greatly to the look.


• Any wood furniture or cupboards are finished with a varnish that lets the natural color of the wood come through. • Furniture is usually simple with tile, wrought iron or marble accents. Newer furniture can fit into the Tuscan style by distressing it. • Cupboards and armoires are common and where most cupboards or armoires have glass, in the Tuscan style these openings are covered with chicken wire. • The kitchen table is most often a long, family-style wooden table. • There are lots of open shelves and cupboards to display ceramics and pottery. • Hardware on cabinets and dressers is wrought iron.

Fabrics and Patterns:

• Any patterns that reflect nature in hues that fit the Tuscan style can be utilized. Look for patterns of leaves and vines, fruits, olives, flowers, or with lines reminiscent of the ocean. • Fabrics that look like tapestries are also common and work well with this style.

Accents and Accessory Pieces:

• Water is a major accent in the Tuscan style. Fountains or pools indoors and outdoors are a must. • In the kitchen decorate with clear jars filled with oil and garlic, flowers and herbs. Display pasta in clear jars as well. Hang copper pots from the ceiling. • Wrought iron wall hangings • Artwork depicting rural scenes • Wall sconces for lighting • Stained glass • Old clocks • Statues

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