Tips on Budget Decorating

Choose a Theme or Color Scheme

This is often the easiest way to plan and keep a decorating project within a budget because it keeps you focused on finding items that fit into the theme and makes the decorating coherent.

Look at Items with a Creative Eye

Items do not always need to be used for their intended purpose. Small glasses found at thrift stores or other discount stores can be used as candleholders. A fun fabric can be mounted in a frame and used as a piece of artwork. A cheap bookshelf can be turned on its side for an interesting look and place to display pictures and other fun items. Old windows can be turned into mirrors, and postcards and calendar pictures can become inexpensive artwork when framed.

Use Paint

Paint is the tight budget decorator’s best friend. Painting the walls a new color adds instant personality to a room. Interesting picture frames found at a dollar store or other discount shop can all be painted the same color to give unity to a grouping. Furniture picked up at yard sales or thrift stores can also gain new life by being painted.  

Be Willing to Shop Around an Be Patient

There are many places to look for discount decorating item, especially furniture and accessories, but most of the time you have to be willing to spend a lot of time looking to find the perfect item. Some ideas on places to look area:

·  Clearance Outlets and Sales-items may be slightly imperfect, but they are often discounted to reflect this.

·  Model Home Sales-don’t be afraid to ask the sales office if or when certain items might go on sale, especially if it is something that would go perfectly with your theme

· Consignment Stores-if you are looking for something in particular get to know the owner or manager and let them know what you are looking for; if they see it they just may call you and let you know

· Ask furniture stores if they have a room where they keep scratched and dented items that can be sold at a discount

· Many stores often have periodic showroom sample sales, be sure to check with your favorite stores often and check local ads.

· Thrift Stores-you can often find one of a kind items with enough patience and looking

·  Garage Sales and Flea Markets-the beauty of these is that price negotiation is an option

· Auctions-this is another way to find interesting items at discount prices