Tips for Building Your Own Pond

Building a pond is one of the largest investments you can make for the wildlife in your garden.  If you’d like to have one in your own garden but you’re worried about how difficult it might be, don’t.With these essential tips, you could be hosting an array of wildlife in no time.  Here are some ideas.

Tips for Building Your Own Pond
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Start Planning

It is relatively easy to create a pond for your garden. Before you figure out where to dig, you must consider where the feature will be placed in the garden, so take a look from every single angle of the garden and the house. Then, once you get an idea where the pond will go, you will need to analyse how big your pond is going to be.

Begin the Work

After you have your plan in place the next task is to get all your tools together. The amount of time you will need depends on how big the pond is. Define the perimeter of the pond with something like a hosepipe. Then you can get down to work with your tools. For this process you will need things such as a craft knife, wooden pegs, canes, a spade, plank, butyl liner, soft building sand, and paving amongst others. You should excavate the area with a spade and dig out the centre of the pond. The process should be continued until the maximum depth is reached.

The Next Step

Once you have moved the dug-out soil to another area of the garden, you will need to line the pond. Remove any sharps stones from the hole before you spread soft building sand over the area, which will help protect the butyl liner from being punctured. This is eventually followed by filling the hole with watervia a hose until the pond is full, and you should fill it until it neatly sits over the outlines of the pond. You should trim the liner, and then also cover it to make sure the sun doesn’t damage it.

Decorate Your Pond

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It is important that throughout this process you seek help and advice of professionals if you are having any trouble. All Pond Solutions are always on hand, and they stock everything you need to complete the process of getting your ultimate pond.