Thailand Travel – Destinations, Itineraries, Hotels, Excursions

Thailand is an enchanting country and has everything that a perfect vacation needs. The capital city Bangkok with a sprawling airport gives you every reason to fancy yourself in command of your finances by offering great shopping opportunities and more than a handful of Buddha temples, all world famous! The lovely beach towns of Phuket, Pattaya with access to exotic islands like Krabi and Phi-Phi are musts on the list of those yearning for a perfect beach vacation complete with sun, sand and water activities. A treat to the eyes, the emerald green waters and lush tropical greenery makes the rest of Thailand the perfect choice for a relaxing vacation and the prices in THB (Thai Baht) are too reasonable to give you a reason to think twice before flying out for a vacation here.

Here are the top destinations and what to do when there along with sample itineraries and more traveler tips.