Spring Cleaning Outside the House

The inside of the house is not the only place that could use some attention. As the warmer months get closer you will also want to get things ready outdoors so that you have can enjoy your time outside.

Begin by checking your grill. With the pleasant months of spring, you will want to be able to cook and eat outside. Make sure the gas connection is safe. To do this put some soapy water onto the connection, if bubbles form you know there is a leak. You will want to seal this completely. Next use a wire brush to clean the grill. After it is clean spray on some non-stick cooking spray for easier cleaning after the next bar-b-q. After your grill is all clean sweep your deck of porch. If there is a lot of dirt build up you may want to use your hose to remove the dirt.

Next focus on windows, doors and screens. Remove all screens and lay them on the driveway. Spray them with water from the hose and use an all purpose cleaner to get rid of whatever is left. Allow them to dry as you clean the windows and windowsills.

You will also want to clean outdoor furniture. Plastic furniture can be cleaned with a mixture of water and dishwashing detergent, then rinsed off. This should bring back the original color and remove any dirt. To clean wicker furniture you will want to use a soft brush with water and Murphy Oil Soap. Rinse it off with water and let it air dry. If you have outdoor cushions for your furniture that are looking a little dirty. Use a spray bottle filled with water and one tablespoon of laundry detergent. Spray the solution on the dirty areas and wipe with a soft cloth. Let cushions dry completely.

Check all trees and shrubs and prune them if needed. Replace the soil in window boxes. Fertilize your lawn. The best times of year to fertilize your lawn are early spring and in the fall, so add it to your spring cleaning list so you don’t forget.

If the exterior of your house is looking dirty, you may want to consider a pressure washer. It can be used to clean the dirt off of siding, wood and metal. It also works well for cleaning driveways, sidewalks, porches and decks. If you use window air conditioners to stay cool during the summer, clean them out and reinstall them.

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