Small Space Living – Tips for Saving Space

In the contemporary scenario, living in a small home is mostly out of constraints, rather than a choice. Living in a small home may be a compulsion, but to render it looking small or spacious is one’s own choice. There are certain simple and easy to use tips that can discount your living space from a cluttered and confused look.

1. Keep walkways clear of furniture

A quite logical suggestion too, the more and further you can look into and through a space, the more spacious it is bound to feel. So it is always suggested to arrange the furnishings such that they do not obstruct views of the windows and the doors. Miscellanea like remote and magazines as neatly arranged and out of sight, shall give your room the feel of being spacious and orderly. Another good idea can be going for furniture like an armless and open chair or a low table. It is always advisable to place large and tall pieces of furniture along the walls. The endeavor should be that you are able to see more of the floor to make the room look larger.

2. Prefer monochromatic color schemes

Using different colors may give your room colorful look, but using different tones of the same color throughout the room in terms of the wall color, the furniture upholstery, the drapery fabrics, et al will give your room a more open appearance. Textured wall finishes, delicate tonal drapery fabrics, hand in hand with cool colors and delicate warm colors on most other surfaces will make your rooms look better.

3. Additional light fixtures for room-darkening shadows

More than light and softer colors, light does wonder in adding a sense of space in your rooms. So keeping your room well lit, either by natural light or otherwise, is a great idea to add space to your room. On the same lines, heavy draperies should be gotten rid off to let the light of outdoor fill inside the room. If essential, prefer using light and see-through draperies instead.

4. Reflective spaces

Mirrors also make a room look larger than what it is. If you do not prefer a mirrored wall, you can go for a large frame mirror on the wall or against the wall, as well as, may be a side table or a chest of drawers covered with custom-cut and installed mirrors.

5. Keep it Simple

It is always a good idea to keep the furniture and accessories in your rooms as simple and minimal as possible. This gives your room a calm and comfortable look.

6. The Flooring

Keeping the flooring same keeps visual continuity and gives the illusion of more space. This is one trick that never fails.

7. Double Purpose

At last but never the least, buying double purpose furniture, like a coffee table with drawers for remotes and magazine stacking rack, is a brilliant idea to save space.

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