Romantic Pink and Red Flower Arrangement, Valentine’s Day Flower Arrangements

Create a soft look on Valentine’s Day or a special romantic evening with this subtle pink and red flower arrangement with roses, gerberas and carnations. Leaving behind the traditional arrangements of long-stemmed red roses, this arrangement is a class apart and chooses to dwell upon the harmony of pinks and reds. The vintage teapot which is used as a container lends it an unmistakable old-world romantic charm.

Romantic Pink and Red Flower Arrangement

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. A perfect choice for a container for a flower arrangement as subtle and romantic as this was a vintage china teapot. Choose a white teapot which will add to the soft romantic look of this arrangement.

2. Place a ‘frog’ or a metal flower stem holder at the bottom to hold the flowers.

3. Place the teapot facing you and start by fixing a pink gerbera at the far side.

4. Add 3 red roses in increasing heights just below the gerbera bloom.

5. Lastly, add a pink carnation with its stem only rising a couple of inches from the neck of the teapot.

6. Add fillers from your garden or the roadside to hide the stems.

Note: This arrangement has a triangular shape. The gerbera provides the height to the arrangement. When arranging the other flowers and foliage, keep in mind that you have to broaden the shape of the arrangement as you work towards the base.

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