Pink Christmas Tree Theme – Christmas Tree Themes & Color Schemes

Pink Christmas Tree ThemePink is the hot new favorite for Christmas decorations. Use jewel tones to set your pink Christmas decorations apart from the pastel pinks of Spring.

What you can use:

Jewel-toned pink ornaments

Pink ribbon to tie each ornament to the tree and to make bows

Pink lace for garlands

Wide White Ribbon

White Lights

Silver/White/Pastel Filler Ornaments

Handmade Ornaments

Buying clear ornaments and painting them using the lovely jewel pink toned paints available at craft stores is an easier option than hunting for pink ornaments.

Extending Your Theme to the House

Wrap gifts in pink wrapping paper, hang pink stockings, make a wreath using pink tinsel or pink and silver garlands, use pink candles at tables and make use of shades of pink when selecting fabric for the table and the cushions.

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