Outdoor Christmas Decorating and Lighting Ideas

Spread the Holiday spirit to your neighbors and even passers-by by decorating your outdoor spaces as much as you decorate the indoors.

Christmas Door SwagsChristmas Door Swags

Gorgeously Victorian, swags are a beautiful way to decorate your doors and windows for Christmas. Easier to create than wreaths, swags can be made using seasonal evergreens or artificial materials to match your decor and tastes and are the perfect wreath alternatives. Here are some beautiful swags that will inspire you to create or buy your own to decorate your home for Christmas.

DIY Christmas LightsDIY Christmas Lights: How To Make Your Lights Look the Best, for Less

We all love Christmas lights, and usually, by the last week of November, we’re already procrastinating about what on earth we’re going to do for outdoor decorations this year. This article will cover a few of the little things we can do to make putting up the lights more fun, and much easier this year.

Outdoor Christmas Apartment Decorating IdeasOutdoor Decorations…For An Apartment

So, Christmas is just around the corner, and you’re sitting up in your apartment, wondering how on earth you can possibly decorate your door. Most people stick with a wreath, or not even that, because many apartments have rules against putting a nail, or tack in the door. We have easy, DIY ideas for doors and balconies for Christmas and tips to hang decorations without damaging the walls.

Outdoor Christmas Lights Display IdeasOutdoor Christmas Light Displays

Lighted Christmas houses are the best bets for night-time outdoor Christmas decorations. Whether the houses are completely outlined with lights or display framed light sculptures, outdoor Christmas lighting have become a must for avid decorators. And they provide joy not just to the decorators, but all passers-by. Many people plan evening walks or a drive in their neighborhood to see light displays.

Santa Claus themed Outdoor Christmas DecorationsSanta Clause themed Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Create kid-friendly outdoor displays and please all the kids with sights of their beloved Santa Claus this Christmas. With some simple yet creative ideas, you can decorate your outdoors for kids of all ages by choosing a ‘Santa Claus’ theme. Funny and creative, these ideas will please guests and make visitors smile with the different ideas for adding a ‘Santa’ to your outdoor Christmas decorations.

Outdoor Christmas Trees - Ideas for Display and DecorOutdoor Christmas Trees

Those who love to decorate for Christmas can never have enough of Christmas trees. Why not head outdoors and give yourself a chance to decorate another Christmas tree – an Outdoor Christmas tree? It is a great way to keep things seasonal and festive even in your outdoor area. We bring you some tricks of the trade and creative ideas for decorating and displaying outdoor Christmas trees.

‘Winter Wonderland’ Outdoor Christmas Decoration Idea‘Winter Wonderland’ Outdoor Christmas Decoration

This beautiful outdoor decoration at a restaurant provides inspiration for creating a breath-taking winter outdoor display on a ‘Winter Wonderland’ theme. The key elements of this decoration are a snowy look, the fountain filled with giant-sized baubles, white lights, silver decorations and traditional wreaths to add cheer to a stark winter landscape.

Decorating Your Doorway for ChristmasDecorating Your Doorway

Your door is the first thing your guests see and if you want the Christmas spirit to begin right from your door, follow our simple ideas. You can do more than just adding a wreath. Pretty topiaries, luminarias and even a themed door decoration is possible with some creative thinking.

Decorate Your Lawn for ChristmasDecorate Your Lawn for Christmas

 Don’t forget your lawn when decorating your home for Christmas. You can dazzle guests right at the doorstep by decorating your outdoor spaces. Magnificent light displays, bright bows, garden figurines and wreaths are some ways of quickly and impressively decorating your lawn for Christmas.

Bread Dough and Birdseed Wreath

Share the spirit of Christmas with all of your feathered friends outdoors by making this bread dough and birdseed wreath. Hang it on a door or window during the holidays. It will not only add to your holiday decorations, but will be a pleasant treat to all of the birds in your yard that are looking for a treat. Later, after the holidays, you can add more birdseed and set it outside in the yard as a holiday feast for the birds.

Artificial Christmas WreathHoliday Wreath

This wall hanging or door wreath is made from a willow ring, which has been lightly gilded with gold spray paint. Great for using as an indoor or outdoor decoration for Christmas, this wreath makes for a festive and weather-resistant door decor.

Woven Design Artificial Christmas WreathChristmas Wreath

Although this wreath is safe enough for outdoor decorating, it is light-weight and should only be displayed outdoors if it is in a very sheltered position. Otherwise, you should stick to using it for indoor wall, door and window decoration purposes only.

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