Garden Design – Keep Convenience & Practicality in Mind

A beautiful garden is uppermost in your mind when planning your garden but unless you find it convenient to work and relax in your garden space, the whole purpose gets defeated. A beautiful looking garden also needs to be practical and combining the two in your garden’s structure is not a big deal. An easy to maintain garden is one that makes gardening activities convenient.

1. Loops and curves in your garden make it look interesting but shouldn’t come in your way when gardening. Try to keep the real, usable access to all parts of the garden easy and direct. Having to walk in circles every time you need to check on something can be very frustrating.

2. Plants that need to be watered daily should be kept near the water supply so you don’t have to fumble with dragging the hose every time. A convenient water supply is essential. Sprinklers and soaker hoses will make your work easier.

3. There should be one easy path along your entire garden for your garden cart to move through it. Cleaning plant debris will be an easier task if your cart reached every corner of your garden. Also ensure that the garden paths are made of a material that allows access even after rains.

4. Don’t render any areas or beds inaccessible for the sake of design. It should not happen that you are unable to reach a flower bed or a bush to remove a diseased part without tramping on the soil just beside it’s stem. If you are an avid gardener, you will need to access each and every part of your lovingly planted garden and care for it.

5. Storing your tools and taking them along to the garden should be easy to do. Build a place for them on the way to the garden or even better, give them a corner right in the garden.

6. Live with the design before you finally give it a go ahead sign. This means that you have to virtually live with the chosen design before you start planting. You can do this by chalking out various parts of your garden and getting used to it for four or five days. If something is wrong and you don’t feel comfortable with it, chances are that you will notice it and make amends right then.

By creating a convenient garden, you will spend more time enjoying gardening or simply enjoying your garden as opposed to feeling frustrated and tired after gardening. Give these tips a try and you will thank yourself for taking the time to design a practical gardening space

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