Flowers for Father’s Day

Do men like to receive gifts of flowers? Of course! And why not…nature’s beautiful flowers and plants are the perfect way to express our love and gratitude for all those people who are important to us, and with Fathers’ Day approaching, they offer a terrific opportunity to remind Dad just how special he is. Flowers touch the souls of all of us, men and women alike. When selecting an arrangement for a man, we tend to gravitate toward flowers with bold, distinctive characteristics. Compelling forms, striking colors, dramatic lines, and strong textures are the hallmarks of masculine style design. None of that dainty babies breath or delicate bouvardia for Dad; send him something that makes a statement! Tropical blooms lend themselves quite well to floral designs for men. Sturdy flowers such as the waxy, heart-shaped anthurium or the flamboyant bird- of-paradise make a powerful impact with their vibrant hues and unusual shapes. Other tropical flower choices include robust ginger blooms, angular heliconias (relatives of the bird-of-paradise), and various species of exotic orchids. Subtropical flowers like proteas, gerberas, and leucadendrons are compatible with the tropicals because of their bold personalities. These all combine well with similarly handsome foliages, such as aspidistra, flax, and ti leaves, to create stylish flower arrangements with a sculptural flair. Coming from the warmer regions of the world, tropical flowers are quite durable and well suited to household conditions. They should never be chilled below 55 degrees F, they should be kept away from drafts, and, since they have the ability to absorb moisture through their “petals”, they benefit from being misted with water daily. With adequate care, fresh cut tropicals can last for two weeks or more. Perhaps Dad would appreciate a vegetative style arrangement, which seems inspired by a walk in the woods. In such a design, flowers are arranged in vertical groups, just as they grow in nature, and it appears as though a little slice of the landscape has been scooped up and placed in a bowl. Featuring brightly-toned flowers and accented with mosses, pods, and an interesting branch or piece of driftwood, a vegetative floral arrangement takes on a truly masculine quality. Your local professional florist can offer other suggestions for flowers and plants which are sure to be pleasing to the father in your life. Dads are sometimes difficult to buy for, but remember that nobody DOESN’T like receiving a gift of flowers….. it sure beats another ugly tie!

Reprinted with permission from FlowerShopNetwork.Com.

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