Decorating for a Romantic Valentine’s Day Night at Home

If you’re spending Valentine’s Day at home with your significant other, take a little time to add some romantic touches to the environment. You’ll be surprised how easy it can be to add sensual elegance to any room of your home with a few simple additions.


One of the easiest and most effective decorating tips is to use candles in every room. Candles add a warm, romantic glow and are perfect for a private Valentine’s Day celebration. Just be sure to place them in safe locations using proper candle holders.

When choosing your candles, there are a few options. For a classic elegance, go for ivory candles in varying heights. Group candles in odd numbered arrangements for the most eye-pleasing look. Or, try candles in red, pink or a combination of the two. If you like fragrance, go for scented candles in aromas such as cinnamon and vanilla. Another romantic idea is to use heart shaped floating candles in a crystal bowl. The flames dancing off the water and reflecting against the crystal will add captivating brilliance to any room.


Flowers are also important when it comes to setting a romantic mood. The best part is, they don’t even need to be real. Today’s silk flowers come in realistic selections that are just as gorgeous as real flowers, and they last forever! Roses accented with green foliage are always a classic choice. For a modern, clean look try pairing pink tulips in a silver vase. Or, go with a bouquet of assorted blossoms and greenery for your table centerpiece.

Romantic Touches

Once you’ve adorned your home with candles and flowers, it’s time for a few more romantic touches. Something as simple as a faux fur throw draped over the sofa can add a romantic and sensual flair to your living room. Arrange pretty gourmet chocolates on a silver platter and place on the coffee table. Fill a decorative bucket with ice and chill your finest champagne. Chocolate covered strawberries are another delicious and decorative treat you may want to prepare and display.

Bathroom and Bedroom

Don’t neglect areas like the bathroom or bedroom. Any bathroom can be made more romantic with a few pampering touches. Stock up on thick, fluffy towels and pick up some fragrant bubble bath. His and her bathrobes made from good quality terrycloth are also a nice touch. In the bedroom, sprinkle rose petals on the bed and swap your regular lightbulb for a soft pink one. As you can see, there are lots of easy yet effective ways to raise the romance level in your home and set the scene for the most romantic Valentine’s Day ever!