Decorate Your Home for Valentines Day

This Valentine’s Day, bring warmth and romance to your home with a few simple touches. Whether you live in a household with children or it’s just you and your significant other, there are lots of ways to adorn your home in celebration of the most romantic day of the year. Check out our ideas for decorating your living space this Valentine’s Day:

Decorating for Kids

If you’ve got children at home, you’ve got an excuse to go all out. Your kids will appreciate fun details and bright colors like red and pink. String some heart shaped lights around your family room. Valentine’s Day themed window clings are a cute way to adorn your front door. Simply press them on the glass in a pleasing arrangement. Removal is easy — just peel them off. Decorate your child’s room with a few holiday touches. A few red and pink throw pillows on the bed, a strand of paper hearts strung from the ceiling, or even a few Valentine’s Day theme plush animals can brighten any youngster’s space.

Romantic Decorating

For households with older children or none at all, decorating touches can be a bit more elegant and refined. Candles are always a good idea. For romantic illumination that matches any decor, go for ivory colored candles in various heights. Or, go for the romantic combination of red and pink, grouped together in odd-numbered arrangements for visual appeal. Another option is a sparkling crystal water bowl filled with floating candles in shades of red and pink.

Decorating with Flowers

Flowers are another fantastic way to decorate any home for Valentine’s Day. The two most popular and appropriate types of flowers for this holiday are roses and carnations. Fresh flowers are nice, but they can be costly. Today’s silk flowers are just as beautiful as the real ones are. The best part about silk flowers is that they last forever. Try pairing red and pink blossoms with baby’s breath and lush greenery for a gorgeous, romantic look.

Candy Decorations

Another fun idea for decorating your home for Valentine’s Day includes the use of something that many people associate with the holiday — candy! Try placing clear bowls of red and pink candies around your home for family members and guests to snack on. Good choices include candy-coated chocolates, gummy bears, and of course, those little heart shaped candies with romantic messages printed on them. The pretty glass bowls filled with colorful candies are not only useful, they’re attractive as well.

There are plenty of creative ways to brighten up your home for Valentine’s Day. Follow your own instincts and preferences when decorating your living space. You may choose to go all out, or you might want a look that’s more understated. Even a few romantic pieces placed here and there can be enough to bring the spirit of Valentine’s Day into your home!

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