Decorate Your Home and Yard for Thanksgiving

Although Thanksgiving usually doesn’t call for as much effort as Christmas in the decorating department, you can still spruce things up a bit for the holiday.

Yard Decor for Thanksgiving

Some of the most beautiful yard decorations are simple, while also natural in color and design. The best way to save time and effort is to blend your decor where it can accomplish the fall and Thanksgiving look and feel all at once. You probably wouldn’t want to decorate several times per year. There are many ways to decorate so that the theme of Thanksgiving is not profound, but is “understood”. The decorations can be meant for either fall or Thanksgiving, so you can decorate a little earlier and still not be too ahead of the game.

Simple and Affordable Yard Decor Ideas

To keep it simple, you can get most of the materials needed for your yard decorations by taking a walk through the woods. Gather pine combs, leaves, vines, acorns, tree limbs. Combining these items and adding a few store bought items can produce beautiful home-made decor that’s inexpensive. Some add-ins may include a bale of hay, pumpkins (large or miniature), ears of corn, squash or other colorful ornaments. Enhance your porch or patio with some hanging decorations with fall-like scenery on them, a wind chime with colorful leaves or even a wreath with fall colors. If you have a path leading to your door or through your yard, add some pumpkins on a stake (or turkeys) to line the pathway.

Home Decor Ideas

Create a certain mood in your home with fall or Thanksgiving aromas such as pine or pumpkin. You can use potpourri in liquid form or scented candles (in fall colors). Of course, on Thanksgiving Day, the aroma of all the cooking will probably be enough!

For the dining area, create a seasonal atmosphere with a decorative table cloth, or placemats with matching napkins. For table decorations in each room, centerpieces with flowers or leaves are always a winner. You can often find centerpieces with very pretty fall colors in many different sizes and shapes.

If you really want to go all out in decorating, buy some welcome mats and/or runner carpets (that match your current flooring, of course) and use these only during the fall season. This is something that can quickly and easily be replaced when the Christmas season begins.

Fruit baskets are also popular for decorating, although they won’t last very long. If your family enjoys eating fruit, you can eat the fruit from the baskets throughout the week, and replace it at the end of each week with fresh fruit. For an extra bonus, add some large walnuts or pecans to the mix.

Creating a Thanksgiving or fall theme in your home really sets the mood for the season for your family and guests. It’s a great way to bring in the Christmas season as well. Use these tips to have fun decorating while spending less, and you’ll be able to enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday.

Johann Erickson is the owner of Online Discount Mart and TV Products 4 Less.