Cleaning the Bathroom: Get a Shining Bathroom from the Mirror to the Tub

Cleaning the Bathroom: Get a Shining Bathroom from the Mirror to the TubDoes your bathroom need a deep cleaning? Follow this how-to and in about an hour your bathroom will be shining from the mirror to the tub.

10 Minute Cleanup

Pick up clothes, get dirty towels in the laundry, get rid of garbage, wash out the trash can and put items away. Having things out of the way will make it easier to deep clean. Open nearby windows to help ventilate the area since you will be working with cleaners

Top to Bottom

When cleaning any room it is always best to go from top to bottom because it is inevitable that dirt and dust that is disturbed during cleaning will fall down. Use a broom to remove any cobwebs. Wipe off any parts of the wall that have smudges or dirt. Use a damp cloth to wipe off the top of the shower curtain rod and any edges or woodwork. Dust any artwork, vents and fans. Clean light fixtures with a soapy cloth and replace them. Remove all drapes, curtain and blinds and have them washed according to directions. Wash any windows and the mirror.

Shower and Tub

Remove hair from traps in the drain. Wipe down all areas with a non-abrasive cleaner and sponge. If you have hard water deposits dry using a solution of water and vinegar to remove them. Clean glass shower doors with vinegar as well. An old toothbrush works well to get rid of soap scum in hard to reach places. 1 cup liquid fabric softener with a quart of water works well to eliminate soap scum. Lemon oil works well to remove water spots on metal frames. If you have tile on the walls run the shower at its hottest for a few minutes. The steam will help remove dirt. Use a sponge mop to clean the tile with a mixture of 1 cup ammonia, ¼ cup baking soda, ½ cup vinegar and 1 gallon of water. If your shower head has mineral deposits remove it and let it soak in vinegar. You should then be able to remove the deposits with an old toothbrush. If you have a stubborn ring in your tub cover it with a paste of cream of tartar and hydrogen peroxide, let it dry then wipe it off. Discoloration on the bathtub can be removed with a solution of salt and turpentine. Wear gloves and rinse thoroughly after cleaning.


Begin by disinfecting. Pour half cup chlorine bleach into the bowl and let it sit for about ten minutes. Scrub with a toilet brush then flush the toilet. Clean the seat and other parts with a non-abrasive cleaner. If you have rust stains use laundry bleach and a sponge to remove them.


Remove old prescriptions and expired items. Clean out any hair with a vacuum attachment. Wipe down the insides and outsides with a slightly damp cloth.

Sink and Fixtures

Use a non-abrasive cleaner to clean the top and fixtures. If a stain does not come off while using the cleaning, sprinkle on some baking soda and scrub gently.


Shake out rugs, wash them and hang them out to dry. Sweep the floor, then use a vacuum with attachment to pick up any hair in corners, behind the toilet and other areas that are hard to get to with a broom. Mop the floor. Use an old rag to get the corners and behind the toilet.