Christmas Ball Tree Centerpiece for Christmas

This makes a very colorful centerpiece


Glue 2 small-bead garlands (separated) 2 large-bead garlands (separated) 38 3” Christmas balls 1 Styrofoam disk 5 Styrofoam rings ( 2”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, ) 1 Box large-headed straight pins Evergreens 


Place and glue 12 balls near the edge around the disk ( ring end pointing inward ). Dry. Glue 10 balls onto the 10-inch ring; 7 on the 8-inch ring; 5 on the 6-inch ring; 3 on the 4-inch ring; dry. Stack and glue in position as you form tree shape. Glue 2-inch ring to the top and glue a Christmas ball in the centre. Dry.

Pin beads around the edges of the disk and rings with small and large beads alternating. Poke in greens along disk between the Christmas balls.

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