Candy Themed Christmas Tree Ideas

This year, decorate a tree with sweet delights for kids – kids of all ages we mean! We have here, two distinctly ‘delectable’ Christmas tree ideas – ‘Cookie’land and ‘Candy’land and many more candy themed Christmas tree ideas to inspire you.

‘Cookie’land Christmas Tree

CookieLand - Cookie Themed Christmas Tree

Used on the tree are Gingerbread House ornaments, Gingerbread Ornaments, Candy Tree Ornaments, cookie snowflake ornaments and striped ribbon. All are available at RAZ Imports.

Candyland Christmas Tree

Candyland Christmas Tree Theme

Decorated in bright pinks, this dreamy Christmas tree is decorated with Candy Houses, Ice Cream Cone Ornaments, Candy Snowflakes, Gumdrop ornaments, Candy Sprays and Striped ribbon. All supplies are available at RAZ Imports.

Yet another Candyland Tree from RAZ Imports:

Candyland Christmas Tree

What Else you can use:

Wrapped Candy Canes

Fake Candy Canes

Wrapped Mints

Candy Garlands

Assorted Wrapped Candies

Candy Shaped Ornaments


Santa Ornaments

White Lights

Handmade Ornaments

Make little clusters of wrapped candies using florist’s wire or thread soft candies to make garlands.