Bed Making Tutorial – How to Make a Perfect Bed and add Style to Your Beds

Beds are definitely very important parts of our lives. A properly made bed gives you the precious gift of a good night’s sleep. This tutorial will help you learn to make a basic bed for yourself and your family.

Bed Making Tutorial - How to Make a Bed

How to Make a Comfortable Bed

1. Mattress: First comes the mattress. Choose a mattress that you feel most comfortable in. Unless advised for orthopedic reasons, a mattress should not be too hard, nor too soft.

2. Sheets: On to making the bed. Start with the sheets. You can choose just one sheet each of a fitted and a flat one or one fitted and one flat. A fitted sheet will fit right over your mattress whereas a flat sheet will need to tucked in. Preferably, choose a fitted sheet for your bottom sheet which will protect your mattress and use a flat sheet for the top sheet. See below on tucking in flat sheets and making hospital folds.

For Traditional Beds

3. Blanket Layer: After the bottom sheet, and the top sheet, add the blankets by tucking them over the top sheet by making hospital folds at the foot. Pull the top sheet back, about half a foot, to cover the blankets and tuck it inside the side flaps.

4. Pillows: Add pillows covered in pillow cases. Lay them flat on the bed or prop them up against the headboard or the wall behind the bed.

5. Bedspread: Now for the bedspread or bed quilt. Lay it on the bed and at the head of the bed, fold the top of the spread on, place the pillows over them and then cover them back again. A part of the bedspread will remain tucked under the pillows.

6. Additional Comforters: Add a down comforter, throw blankets, decorative pillows etc. to complete.

For Contemporary Beds

Just do Steps 1 and 2.  Skip steps 3, 4 and 5 Step 6

Tucking in a Flat Bed Sheet

Center the sheet on the mattress so all the four sides have enough fabric left to tuck in. First, tuck the sheet at the head and the foot of the mattress making hospital folds. To make hospital folds, crease the hem of the sheet making a triangular tent and tuck in – just as you crease a wrapping paper when gift-wrapping a square or rectangular box.


Leave the sides un-tucked for the top sheet and tuck them in, if using a flat sheet for the bottom sheet.

Also, for the top sheet, make hospital folds only at the foot.

Place the Top Sheet wrong side up so that the decorative side shows up when you fold it back over the blanket.