Bathroom suites – Useful Tips and Ideas for buying a Bathroom Suite

You want to give your bathroom a makeover but how much work, money and time are you prepared to put in to your new bathroom? Do you want a new bathroom suite? Or just new fixtures? What about a new floor? Or do you just want to clean up the walls? May be you want the whole lot done. What ever you decide there will need to be a little planning involved. Here are some great tips to help you out.

A new bathroom suite

You have already decide that you would like a whole new bathroom suite but before you go shopping there are a few things to consider. What is your floor size? Draw 2 scale floorplans on squared paper. On the first one draw the layout of your bathroom the way it is. Now draw a second one of where you would like the new suite to be positioned (if you want to change the layout). Now add any other furniture you would like to include play with this until you devise a workable layout.

Remember if you are planning on changing the layout re-plumbing will be expensive so unless you can afford it may be you can leave them as they are or just reposition the bath.

Buying a bathroom suite

Bathroom suites come in all colours, sizes, materials and prices, the choices are endless. Of course a new suite depends on the size and shape of your bathroom. If you bathroom is small it might be better to put in a shower so the room looks spacious. If your bathroom is large you could buy a large bath. Corner baths are nice and large and most are quite deep.

Types of baths, sinks and WC’s

Whilst each manufacturer has their own range of shapes and styles the four basic shapes can be divided into four categories. Straight bath, offset corner bath, corner bath and freestanding bath

Standard bathroom suites usually comprise of a washbasin and WC in vitreous china and a bath in either acrylic or enameled steel.


Virtually all plastic baths made in the U.K are formed out of acrylic sheets. These are lightweight, warm to the touch, and fairly affordable. Acrylic baths are often moulded into interesting shapes, and can incorporate handles. Available in a wide variety of colours.

Enameled steel

Enameled steel baths are extremely rigid, tough and easy to wipe clean. However, they are quite cold to lean against and tend to be more expensive than acrylic baths, although they should look good for longer. They are available in a range of colours.

Wash basins

Most pedestal and wall-hung basins are made from vitreous china, a clay that is fired at a high temperature then glazed to give it a tough hygienic seal. Care must be taken not to drop heavy objects in the basin as the china may crack or chip.

There are a variety of different ways to support the basin; most common is a pedestal, which also hides the pipework. Wall-hung basins are a great way of creating an illusion of space, though they are heavy and must be fixed to a solid wall. They can also be semi-recessed into a vanity unit, which looks neat and provides useful extra storage space. Corner basins are also popular, as pipes can be run through adjacent walls or boxed off to conceal them. Think carefully about which size of basin best suits the needs of your household.

Bath panels

A standard rectangular bath measures 170cm long by 70–80cm wide. When buying a bath check whether the front and side panels are included in the price, as panels for rectangular baths may cost more.

A range of different bath panel designs is available to add the finishing touch to your new bath. Pick a design that complements the style of your room. The type of wood you decide on will alter the look; for a mellow, informal look choose pine, alternatively for a traditional look choose elegant mahogany effect panels. Look out for unfinished wood panels that can be painted, stained or woodwashed in the colour and finish of your choice. For something a little more individual, consider Merton acrylic panels for corner baths, or try making a custom-made hardboard panel, finished off with tiles or tongue-and-groove cladding.

This is taking from Home Base that have a great range in bath panels in all types of materials and various colours.


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