8 Ways to Perk Up Your Rooms with Accessories

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Every home decorator wants to create a room that is special and makes a statement about the personality of the family that lives in the home. However, most people want to A Colorful Painting can be a Brightly Colored Focal Point for Your Roomstick with neutral colors for walls and flooring so that changes don’t require repainting and re-carpeting the room to fit that new sofa into the scheme. This can lead to a bland, dull look that simply doesn’t have any pizzazz. You can avoid this problem by adding a dash of color and personality with accessories!

Here are eight easy ways to perk-up your dull rooms by adding the right accents and accessories.

A Brightly Colored Focal Point

In a basic room with all neutral colors, where should you begin? A great starting place that can create real impact is to add a brightly colored focal point. Hang a painting that includes bright, bold colors that you want to use to accessorize the room.

This painting can then be used as your palate when selecting other accessories.

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