7 Tips To Organize Photos

You love snapping those pictures and then flipping through the newly developed packet of captured memories or scrolling through your digital images. But you may not love the next step of organizing those photos. Start to create a picture-perfect system for containing and protecting your photos. Here are some tips that will help you to organize your photos.

1. Gather photos from every corner and closet of your home. You’ll end up with a pile of stray photos and lots of packets. Group similar photographs, framed prints and other artwork. Create a relationship among a variety of pieces. For instance, put black-and-white portraits together in one grouping, modern art pieces in another, and landscapes in yet another. Arranging pictures and photos around a theme brings purpose to an open space. Use an odd number of items on walls or tabletop groupings to create balance (unless you have just two pieces).

2. Flip through the packets, note the event and date on the outside top edge, and put them in a shoebox. If it will be a while before you do anything with the photos, remove them from their paper envelopes and put them into labeled acid-free and PVC-free envelopes.

3. Buy several plastic recipe boxes with tabs. Create a list of categories such as “Summer 2002, Trip to France” or “Family Reunion.” File all your loose photos into one of these categories or simply label the tabs or boxes by year for speedy sorting.

4. Choose a system to store and display your photos. Always choose frames that complement each other. A multitude of frame styles is distracting and detracts from the arrangement.

5. Cut yourself some slack if you think you should be making scrapbooks for photos but don’t have the time just now. Protect the photos first, and reserve the option to create scrapbooks later.

6. Develop the habit of labeling and storing photos in albums as you process each roll of film. You’ll always be able to pull out photos for projects and duplication, as you need them.

7. Choose hanging hardware strong enough to support the weight of each item (look on the hook’s package for weight limitations) and suitable for the type of wall you have. Use two hooks when hanging heavy or wide items. Use specialty hangers designed for brick walls instead of drilling directly into brick or mortar. If you live in an earthquake-prone zone, take special care in hanging large and/or heavy items. Consult a professional for choosing appropriate hardware and techniques.