7 Simple Ways to Organise Your Closet

Having a well-organised closet can make choosing the perfect outfit practically stress-free. Whether you need to make your mornings easier or create more space below are seven easy to follow tips and tricks that could be a game changer for your closet.

7 Simple Ways to Organise Your Closet

Donate or sell unwanted or unused items

Before you start to organise your closet it’s always helpful to donate or sell any items of clothing that you no longer wear. As much as you may love that expensive evening gown if you don’t wear it these items they are simply taking up valuable closet space. If you find it impossible to part with unwanted clothing you could consider upcycling them, transforming unloved items is a great way of creating something with little expense.

Organise items into categories

There are many ways in which you can organise your current collection of clothing. If you tend to wear a lot of colour then try sorting the clothing according to colour. If you prefer a more monochromatic colour scheme then try separating the pieces in your wardrobe by clothing type such as jumpers, jeans, dresses and so on. Most personal stylists will agree that organising your clothing in this way can be really beneficial when trying to put together an outfit quickly during a busy morning.

Buy new hangers

Buying the same style of hangers for your closet can really help when you’re trying to create space. Hangers of the same size and shape will fit together better than a random collection of hangers you may have accumulated over the years. Using the same type of hanger will also make your closet look a lot more uniform and organised.

Use multi-level hangers

Hangers that can fit more than one item of clothing on can really make the most out of even the smallest closet. Some hangers may be able to fit up to ten pieces of clothing, making them a real space saver!

Get creative with your storage

If you’re a hoarder of items like scarfs, hats and shoes then finding creative ways of storing these items in your closet can make a huge difference. You don’t have to spend a fortune of fancy scarf hangers, innovative use of household items can often be a cost effective alternative to your storage problems. By adding shower curtain rings to a regular hanger you can store multiple scarfs, bags or belts together without taking up huge amounts of valuable closet space.

Make use of vertical space

If you have space above your clothing rail ensure you make the most of it. If you don’t have this space you can always create extra room by installing a shelf. Make the most of this extra space by adding decorative storing boxes or baskets. Not only will these look great but they will keep smaller items such as shoes, bags, hats or even underwear all in one, easy to reach for area.

Use drawer dividers

Drawer dividers are fantastic for keeping your drawers and storage boxes neat, tidy and most importantly organised. Again you can get creative and make custom dividers if you are that way inclined. Alternatively dividers and drawer storage are often available from most interior decoration retailers.

Hopefully your newly organised closet will make seeing what you have in your current collection a whole lot easier. Having a well organised closet can save you time as well as money. When thinking of closet organisation choose options that best suit your individual clothing needs – you’ll be astonished at the difference an organised closet can make to your life!