5 Tips to Sell Your House Quickly

Selling your house can take a lot of patience. Whether your house has been sitting on the market for quite some time, or you want a quick settlement for legal reasons, there are ways to speed up the selling process. Without getting ripped off and settle for an unreasonable offer, here are some tips to help you sell your house fast. If you can manage to reach out to potential buyers and make a good first impression on them, half the job is done. Following up with a fair asking price will help you close the deal quickly.

5 Tips to Sell Your House Quickly

Here are some tried and tested tips that help houses move fast.

  1. Clean and De-Clutter

Make your house attractive to buyers by cleaning up and adding a fresh coat of paint. A cluttered house will likely take more time to sell. Tidy up your garden, porch or other outdoor areas too. Add a few seasonal plants in pots. They do not cost much and help improve the appearance of your house instantly.

  1. Take Great Pictures

Most buyers will form an impression of your house based on the pictures they see. Whether you are listing your house with a broker or on social media, make sure you take good pictures. Use plenty of lights to take bright pictures. If possible, take pictures during bloom season. A house looks more attractive with greenery and color around it than with dead tree branches.

  1. Use Social Media

Utilize social media to the fullest. Post pictures of your house on Facebook. Do not post all pics together. Post different pictures at different times in a day and post everyday. If anyone is interested, they can check your profile to see all the pictures together. Make sure each picture post clearly mentions your intention to sell. Similarly, use Twitter to get the word out. Post on Twitter once a day with different details about the house. Clearly mention the area and city as hashtags  so people from around there can search your post.

Also, ask friends to share on their social media to reach a wider audience. They need not sound pushy. Your friends can simply re-post your message with their own words gently letting their friends know that a house in a certain area is up for sale.

  1. Get a Video Made

We are living n the age of videos! A well-made video will work far better than pictures only. If possible, consider a professional movie made for your house. A house movie always ensures more visits and faster sales because potential customers get a real life view of your house.

  1. Price it Correctly

Get your home evaluated by a broker or a real estate agent to know the current price. Determine a fair asking price so as to leave some space for negotiation. You might be tempted to price it too high but that is exactly what you need to avoid if you wish to sell your house quickly. Be prepared for a lot of negotiation and some unreasonably low bids. Try to stand in the shoes of the customer and figure out the best asking price that you yourself would be willing to pay for the house.