4 Cleaning Tasks You Forgot In Your Home

Keeping your house clean is an endless job. No matter how dutiful you are, some parts of the home will wind up dirty. You just can’t remember everything. Fortunately, this checklist should aid you in tidying the overlooked jobs. Here are four cleaning tasks you forgot in your home.

4 Cleaning Tasks You Forgot In Your Home

Throw Pillows

Those decorative pillows on your bed and couch look fantastic. What you may not realize is that they attract just as much dust as any other stationary object. Plus, if you lay on them, you’re adding skin flakes and sweat. Frankly, your throw pillows are kind of gross.

The good news is that you have plenty of ways to wash them. Some are safe to clean in a washing machine. You can wash the ones that aren’t by taking a steam cloth and wiping down the surface. The cleaning process is the same as anything else in your home. You must make sure that you can safely dampen your throw pillows without ruining them, though.

Air Vents

The air that you breathe is what sustains your life. How many times do you think about your vents, though? When you go for an extended period without cleaning these ducts, you’re endangering your health.

Your HVAC unit works the same whether the vents are clean or not. You must make sure that the air that it filters through your home is okay. Otherwise, you will spread dust mites each time your unit activates. Since you wouldn’t feel safe messing with your vents, you should hire a professional to do this maintenance. The worker will clean your ducts and improve the air quality in your home.

Trash Cans

Cleaning your trash cans may sound counterintuitive. You use these receptacles as a place to dump all of your garbage, and that’s the problem. Nothing in your home is subject to as much filth as your trash cans. That’s particularly true of the ones in the kitchen. Most of the food that you throw out is nasty. It’s crawling with bacteria and will grow mold over time. Any of it that gets in the trash can stays there until you clean it. That nasty smell in your kitchen may come from the trash can!


You probably think a lot more about the inside of your refrigerator than the exterior. The appliance is a storage device whose delicious contents feed you and your family. What you forget about the refrigerator is that those magnets and personal mementos on the front of it don’t ward off grime. The space underneath your fridge magnets is disgusting.

You should remove all the mementos and wipe down the exterior facing at least once per quarter. You should also dust and wipe the top of your refrigerator. Most people are too short to see the top of the fridge, but it’s a dust magnet. Those mites don’t just make you sneeze and cough. They can get in your food if you let them fester!

As you can see, plenty of spots in your home need cleaning. Now that you know the worst offenders, you should grab a washcloth and take care of business!