10 Tips to Organize Your Office

An organized office is crucial to your success in the workplace. Regardless of whether you work in the corporate world or from an office area in your home, it’s important to keep your workspace well organized and free of clutter. You’ll be more efficient and less stressed, and isn’t that what we all strive for when at work?

Here are ten tips to help your office run smoothly:

1. Take everything off of your desk. Then, evaluate each item according to its usefulness. You’ll definitely need to replace the computer and telephone, of course! However, try to find alternative storage space for books and piles of papers.

2. Try hanging file folders. These handy folders are a space-efficient way to file all your paperwork. Label the folders according to your personal needs. Some people arrange their files alphabetically, others go for a chronological method.

3. Head to an office supply store and pick up handy containers for your small items. There are attractive and functional storage containers that can store pens, paper clips, disks, staples, and other essential items.

4. Make use of wall space. A large cork board hung by your desk is a perfect place to pin reminders, notes, a calendar, and even photos of friends and family.

5. Go multifunctional! Try a machine that prints, scans, copies and faxes all in one. This will save a ton of space and keep your outlets free!

6. Sort your mail right away. Toss any junk, answer any urgent mail, and file the rest. Doing this can save an immense amount of paper clutter.

7. If you have lots of books in your office, install some shelving or try a bookshelf. The last place you want your books is cluttering up your workspace.

8. Staying organized is an ongoing battle. Designate time each day to de-clutter and sort your office. This ensures that things don’t get out of control and can save you a lot of hassle.

9. Freshen the air with some green houseplants. Or, try some aromatherapy with a brain-boosting scent like peppermint or jasmine.

10. Keep a wastebasket close to your desk. This will encourage you to toss papers you don’t need rather than allowing them to pile up.

By taking a little time to spruce up your work area and get rid of clutter, you’ll find that you’re able to get more done. Plus, a clean office is usually a happy office. Clutter can be depressing and effect productivity, so roll up your sleeves and start organizing!