Romantic Ideas for Valentine’s Day

For many couples, Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year. There are lots of ways to make this Valentine’s Day special and memorable for you and your significant other. Whether you’re looking for something simple or want to go all out, a little effort can go a long way towards a memorable and romantic holiday. First, you’ll want to decide on and prepare your setting.

Some couples spend Valentine’s Day at a romantic restaurant. If this is what you prefer, choose a restaurant that offers a romantic and secluded setting. Many dining establishments have special Valentine’s Day promotions that include candlelight and champagne. While a romantic dinner at a fine restaurant is always a traditional choice, many couples want something a bit more exciting. This year, think of something you’ve never experienced before and make arrangements to do it. This might include a hot air balloon ride or horseback ride down the beach. Of course, staying at home can be romantic, too. Arrange to cook your loved one’s favorite meal, or have it catered. Don’t forget to light lots of candles and put a pretty bouquet of flowers on the table. Break out the fine china and crystal, and adorn the table with a lace tablecloth if you have one. Play some soft music in the background, dim the lights, and ask your dinner guest to wear something special. Be sure to have chilled champagne ready and plan a romantic dessert. Berries with chocolate fondue, angel food cake and creme brulee are all popular choices. Many couples choose to exchange gifts on Valentine’s Day. This can be a romantic and special ritual for any couple. If you’re newly dating, keep gifts small. Flowers and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates are the standard gifts for many. If you’re married, engaged or in a committed relationship, you can’t go wrong with jewelry. Or, go for a practical gift that can be enjoyed together like a bottle of warming massage oil, a romantic novelty board game, or a bottle of fine champagne. Or, create a Valentine’s Day gift basket filled with all of these items! The most important thing when planning a romantic Valentine’s Day is to take the likes and dislikes of you and your partner into consideration. What’s romantic for one couple might be a total turn-off for another. The Valentine’s Day celebration you share with your partner, like your love itself, should be a highly personal celebration of your unique relationship. By understanding the best way to symbolize, celebrate and express your love, you can make this Valentine’s Day something to remember!

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